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Resource-Full Links Updated

RESOURCE-FULL LINKS – I just cleaned and updated this page so wanted to repost it as a resource. I will be adding more links soon but really, this will always be a work-in-progress. I welcome suggestions for additions to this list as well.


FolderClone -a great shareware product to help with computer backups.

Truth or Fiction – – a great place to check the validity of all those internet rumors.

Snopes – – another great place to check the validity of all those internet rumors

Seagate – – I love their FreeAgent hard drives.


Dollar Stretcher – Great frugal advice site.

R efund Cents – – I am an affiliate advertiser for them BECAUSE I have been a member for several years and LOVE THEM! I have the online membership, only check it periodically, and still save enough to pay for the cost of the subscription and then some. Michelle’s site always has such great deals and the closer it gets to Christmas the better they get!


Bible Study helps:

Cro sswalk – – my favorite site for searching in the Bible but they have so much more there as well. – another great site for searching in the Bible

Kay Arthur’s Precepts Bible studies – – Her Bible studies are intense, deep, and wonderfully educational. I am currently on a three year end-times study that includes 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, Daniel, and Revelation and am learning so much.

Beth Moore – – her Bible studies are also very good, extremely educational, and incredibly interesting! To find her video and audio versions go to .

Sermons Online:

Life Church TV – – church services online including worship and sermons

Calvary Chapel Albuquerque – – sermon podcasts

Harvest Christian Fellowship – – sermon podcasts

Calvary Chapel San Bernardino – – sermon podcasts

Christian Resources:

Christian Bible Book Stores

Lifeway –

Family Christian Stores –

SandwichINK’s Favorite Books and Music –


Grandparenting Sites:


Coloring and Activity Pages:

Dover Publications – public domain clip art – books and cds – To sign up for their samplers, go to

Kid Explorers – – Coloring and activity pages, etc.

Crayola – – Coloring and activity pages


Breast Cancer –

IBC – – excellent article explaining a little known form of breast cancer.

IBC – – IBC Research Organization

IBC – – Mayo clinic’s site on IBC.

Health/Medical Resources:

MED-PLUS – – Medical Supplies

Merck Manual Online – – excellent resource manual


iTunes – – great resource for storing, playing, and working with your music, audio books, podcasts, video and more.


My favorite news sites:

Drudge Report –

Fox News –

Worldnet Daily –



Southwest Airlines –  My favorite airline! Great frequent flying program and no charges if you have to change or cancel a flight. For caregivers that is so vital! Also, they are really flexible about letting you use the credit for a cancelled flight for someone else. WONDERFUL airline! –


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