Pink Things, Strange But Sweet Harbingers of Autumn, and Busy Days!

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Do  you ever have a great day that is full of laughter, joys, more ups and downs, but that leave you totally exhausted? That was my day today. Homeschooling classes with some of my grandkids in the morning, rescuing my left-behind iPhone charger in the afternoon, ball tag, fun chats with long distance kids, grandkids, and my senior mom. A great day, too busy to work with my senior mom and her new iPad, but overall, very fruitful. However, I'm definitely worn out BIG TIME! 

I'm headed for bed in just a sec but first I wanted to share a couple of cute pinks I discovered in the middle of all this. I love finding sweet surprises hiding in the yard, don't you? And when they're pink things, that's doubly sweet!

Pink delights-a treat for a busy tired Sandwich Generation granny nanny

Pink under the leaves-things that bring a smile to the face of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny

By the way, can you see the little "fruits" on the ground? If any of you know what those are, PLEASE let us know, so I can warn everyone – do NOT buy this tree. That fruit STINKS!

The one redeeming factor about it, though, is that it is one of my "harbingers of fall." When those fruits start showing up, it's a slightly smelly reminder that autumn is COMING. As are the few fall leaves I found on the ground today. HOORAY! How did your day go today? 🙂 

Beverlys Pink Saturday is full of fun pink things that can put a big smile on the face of the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

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