Pink Care For the Caregiver AND Our Families

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Autumn Bliss for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids with this cute pink princess PUMPKIN set

It's the holiday season and SandwichINK has been joining in the fun with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound on Pink Saturday each week following her intriguing themes. Today…it's BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! And I thought I'd share some fun and easy crafts ideas and supplies for seniors and their grand kids to enjoy, courtesy of my visit to Michael's Crafts!

This fun boa would be great for the grandkids for dress up fun while visiting the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom

Fun pink foamies for easy crafts for kids and seniors - and check out the cute bracelet

My granddaughters would love to crochet wih this gorgeous yarn for Pink Saturday - me too

Don't forget to have a mammogram done regularly, per your doctor's recommendations – and check on your senior parents as well (yes, it can affect men as well as women)! And enjoy other healthy ways of caring for the caregiver as well, including fun projects with our grandkids. Pink Blessings, y'all! 

Wouldnt this be fun for easy crafts for kids and seniors - and wouldnt we all have fun with it

Such fun for grandparents - in AND out of the Sandwich Generation - at Grandparents Say It Saturday Linky Party - Do Join in the fun


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