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Photos, Holiday Frolic, and Fun for the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny, Senior Mom and Grandkids

As my cute country Christmas gingerbread cup and clipart proclaim - its the season for fun parties - and for the Sandwich Generaton that can include a fun blog party or 5Whew! It's been an EXTRA busy AND interesting couple of weeks for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny, senior mom, and grandkids, that's for sure! Between special visitors, two family Christmas parties, and several fun online blog party get-togethers, we've been having a grand old time! 

Today I wanted to share some of the special and unique Christmas tree ornaments on my tree, including some that are considered vintage by my grandkids (a whopping 20 year old bell), one that looks vintage (the heart is about 10 years old), 

I loved capturing these personalized and unique Christmas tree ornaments with my easy to use digital camera - they seem new to me but vintage to my grandkids since the bell is over 20 years old - gift tag in Picnik special effects

and one that is truly vintage (over 50 years old) – from a beloved friend. 

Unique vintage Christmas tree ornaments full of sweet family memories are a delight for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids - snowflakes

This simple ornament was made for me by a beloved great-aunt – it's about 20 – 30 years old…

The Sandwich Generation loves simple personalized and unique handmade Christmas tree ornaments from family and friends which are such joy-filled treasures - holiday textures - the first circles

my senior parents originally had this Pixie along several others from its set, once upon a time – it's over 25 years old, 

These unique Christmas tree ornaments are full of sweet family memories of my senior parents kids and grandkids - snowflake effects

and ALL the unique and special ornaments in these pictures, captured by my easy to use digital camera, have special meaning and sweet family memories for our family. That's one of the favorite things about my Christmas Tree. I look at it and I see love shining back at me. 🙂

Also, I wanted to remind you, we are in the midst of several fun and interesting holiday blog partyevents including The Holiday Progressive Blog Party – be sure to leave a comment below to be entered in the here as well as visiting where you can also leave comments, visit fellow caregivers and share encouragement, and be entered in their own fun giveaway! Trust me, Denise and her team put together the nicest gifts for these events. 🙂 

Other Favorites for the Sandwich Generation this week – Sweet Shot Tuesday, the Sweet Shot Tuesday Bokeh Party on Thursday, and Rednesday later today! Did you otice a "hint" of a bokeh special effect in the pictures, along with some other fun effects like the snowflakes and gift tags?  All were courtesy of Very easy to use and they work great with all the pictures from either of my digital camera. I love the simplicity in the midst of all the caregiving, babysitting,and running around! 🙂 If you'd prefer to do them the "old-fashioned way," you can also check out the bokeh tutorial at Sweet Shot Tuesday or the book, Expressive Photography, has several pages on how to achieve the bokeh effect. 

And, come Friday, I'll be linking this to Common Grounds' Vintage Inspiration Friday, with more vintage Christmas ideas and goodies. 

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation. 🙂 


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12 comments on “Photos, Holiday Frolic, and Fun for the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny, Senior Mom and Grandkids

Kaye, Thanks for posting the pictures of the ornaments. I love looking at ornaments and knowing the story behind them. Every ornament has a story, doesn’t it? Each year, it takes me longer to do the tree trimming because I’m enjoying those memories! 🙂 Really enjoying the Progressive Blog Party — thanks for participating!

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Angela McKnight

Hello Kaye,
Wow, you have amazing christmas ornaments with great history! Thanks for sharing. I love it!!!

Care About You
The power of caring.

I will take these vintage ornaments over anything they have today.

Hi Kaye,

Popped in from to say Merry Christmas!

I love your ornaments. The old ones that have special meaning are always my favorite.
My grandmother always put an ornament I made when I was 5 yrs old, made from round paper circles and straw pieces, on her tree. She passed it on to me and I still display it on my own tree along with some that my own children made when they were very small. whispers, my own ornament is 44 yrs old shhh 🙂

So many memories are hanging on our Christmas trees, aren’t they? You’ve got a wonderful collection!
Happy REDnesday,

I loved your ornaments, Dear. I think I have some very old ones too. Yours look brand new. Blessings ~

These are just beautiful! Like the Biltmore 🙂 I’m sending the link if you don’t know it. Such a beautiful place to be.

Hey Kaye!

These are so beautiful. I’ve missed you my friend. Good stopping by again.

Such pretty decorations and lovely photos!

Yay Susan! I was looking for you and now you’ve found me first. Too fun! 🙂

Thanks Lisa. Sounds like a lovely place. And I sure enjoyed your cute photo. 🙂

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