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You will find great clip art on some of these pages. They are all from Trina and  the wonderfully gifted artists working with her at Trina & Friends. Her prices are great, her license is incredibly generous, and the pictures are absolutely adorable, not to mention totally copyrighted. :) But if you like them, do pop over to check out her site. You can't afford NOT to buy them. :) Yes, I am an affiliate for her BECAUSE I have been buying her clip art since BEFORE I started blogging. :)


Some of the great photos on this site, are from various talented photographers who have posted them on Flickr under the Creative Commons License. At various times, the main picture in the top two columns on the right, may include the following photos:

Grandchildren will love the coloring of this rose

Elderly parents love red roses

Daffodils for grandchildren to walk by


Rose for grandma

Roses for elderly parents

Sandwichink loves roses

Heart of a rose for the heart of a caregiver

Grandkids love kitties

Gardenias for Grandpa

Sky and Flowering Plum lift the spirits

Flowering Plum for the garden for Grandma.



I would like to thank the wonderfully talented photographers for sharing the lovely photos used in this greeting:


Easter 2009:


Easter Flower Arrangement for Grandfather A Special Rose for a Special Day – Easter

Resurrection Sunday

Pretty in Pink…"A rose is a rose is a rose"

Purple carnation for the Sandwich Generation Father's Day Smilebox Card 6/21/09 Elderly assistance with yardwork is always appreciated Hugs are appreciated by dads of all sizes shapes and ages Ice cream sundaes are very popular with grandpa Head for the movies with grandpa and don’t forget the popcorn from those old fashioned popcorn machines Fishing with grandpa is one of those great Father’s Day gift ideas (Please note, the titles listed above are the ones I used. When you go to each photo's webpage, you will find full information about the photographer, the picture, and the title they chose.) Please do not copy or download any photos or clipart, other than the coloring pages which are specifically marked for that purpose. And to all the wonderful and gifted photographers, thank you so much for so wonderfully sharing your talent with all of us! :)


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