Patriotic Joys With Grandchildren

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It's definitely one of those up and down weeks full of the Sandwich Generation issues for my family. My senior mom is not feeling great, but hopefully her new medicine will make her feel much perkier soon. My grandkids and I have enjoyed some Bible school fun, intermixed with a nasty cold bug making the rounds. So today it is only the youngest and I headed there and only for part of the day. BUT I have a couple of grandma goodies up my sleeves to console the wee ones who are under the weather and that will help. We're not sure what's up for fireworks between colds, unusual weather, thunderstorms, and extreme heat. But one nice thing we can do this week that doesn't require health or good weather is PRAY, and that we've been doing. Praying for health and healing, praying for our Bible school so others stay healthy, and praying for our nation and the nations of the world. That is definitely vital in this age, isn't it? 

Encouraging Bible memory verses for all ages of the Sandwich Generation to apply on patriotic holidays and thru the year

Praying with our kids and grandkids is a great way of teaching by our actions as well as our words. Leaving a sweet spiritual legacy of simple Scripture prayers for them to pray for others, including their own country, is a great way to celebrate the birthday of our nation, don't you think? For more encouraging Bible verses, be sure to visit Internet Cafe Devotions for Word-Filled Wednesday.

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