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Pink Care For the Caregiver AND Our Families

Enjoy pink things to remind the Sandwich Generation to take care of the caregiver, as they care for elderly parents & grandchildren!

Tis The Season for Grandkid Gingerbread House Fun…A Bit Early

Holiday fun with my grandkids & their latest foamie gingerbread houses. Minimalist yes, but fun with their new Squinkies for the grand-boys, that’s for sure!

The Sandwich Generation Issues – News and Information for Multigenerational Caregivers, October 14, 2012

Daily news & resources for Sandwich Generation boomers & seniors caring for aging parents while raising kids or babysitting grandchildren.

Crafty Fun At A Discount for The Sandwich Generation Family

Fun and easy crafts projects for the whole Sandwich Generation family – kids thru seniors – are on sale at Michael’s Crafts RIGHT NOW.

Harvest Sales Have Already Started – Grab Your Grandkids Craft Goodies Fast!

I just stocked up on fun harvest craft supplies for my grandkids – but you’d best hurry, some stores are already running out of cute crafts!

Cool Summer Fun for This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandkids

Fun and easy crafts for kids and seniors are great fun for grandparents and their grandchildren and a great way to keep cool in the hot summertime.

The Sandwich Generation Issues – News and Information for Caregivers, July 16, 2012

News for boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation – caring for aging parents and babysitting grandchildren.

Christmas in July Means Crafty Fun For Grandparents and Grandchildren

Christmas in July, blog party news, & tips for easy clean up for grandparents & grandchildren – lots of fun for the Sandwich Generation…

Christmas Cookies in July For Grandma and Grandkids. How About You?

Grandkids fun with easy Christmas sugar cookies…in JULY! Babysitting grandchildren this summer? Bet they’ll enjoy this fun idea as much as you!

Too Much Patriotic Excitement? Holiday Crafts and Recipes for Grandparents and Grandchildren!

Patriotic holidays are fun, but waiting is so hard for kids and grandkids. Some fun and easy crafts and recipe ideas for us seniors to share with our grandkids.

Cute and Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Boomers and Seniors and Our Grandchildren

Fun and easy crafts for boomers and seniors and our grandkids for Mother’s Day, as well as spring and summer – great leisure activities for our families.

Heavenly Resources to Encourage the Sandwich Generation From The Lord’s Prayer

With The National Day of Prayer here along with our Bible memory verses series on heaven for kids and grand children, we in the Sandwich Generation have a great spiritual teaching opportunity for our children and grandchildren.

Swing Ball Fun For Boomer, Senior and Grandkid Activities

Simple fun games for grandparents and grandchildren make for fun chuckles along with healthy physical senior citizens & grandkid activities

The Sandwich Generation: Positive Holiday News Stories for Boomers and Seniors to Bring a Smile to Your Face On Share A Smile Day!

A big smile for the Sandwich Generation doing an awesome job caring for elderly parents & babysitting grandchildren on Share A Smile Day +

Easy, Creative and Free Valentine Ideas for the Sandwich Generation

Fun Valentine’s Day ideas including easy crafts for kids & seniors make these two free ebooks a special treat for the Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Loves Fun iPhone Apps That Make for Creative Activities for Grand kids and Grandparents – Like WordFoto

Grandparents like me love an easy to use digital camera AND easy to use photo editors. Join the Sandwich Generation granny nanny on a hunt fun iPhone apps and more.

Multigenerational Science Fun From Senior Mom on Down to the Grandkids

All kinds of multigenerational fun in our Sandwich Generation family-science fair projects to senior gardening to easy crafts for seniors & grand kids.

Happy New Years Eve Fun Activities and Ideas for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Happy New Year 2012 to the Sandwich Generation-fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren with easy crafts for seniors AND kids

Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids and Seniors are Favorites in Our Sandwich Generation Family

Fun and easy crafts activities for seniors AND kids – perfect for grandparents and their grandchildren for fun or making gifts.

Cough, Cough, Coughing All The Way – Tis the Season for Chicken Soup for the Sandwich Generation!

Tips, tools, and family memories for Sandwich Generation sick days – love the Gooseberry Patch Homemade Christmas book!