Can you believe it’s almost February! With that comes all the fun of the late winter and early spring events like Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day! Things grandparents and grandkids revel in!

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Valentines Day Fun For Grandkids and Grandparents

I go pretty simple with my grandkids. Usually, I just do fun cards with cute sayings or riddles, like the one above (for you and your grandkids to enjoy. 🙂 ). But this year I’m planning on photo cards to the families with pix of great-grandma and grandma (moi) with a Valentine’s Day and later, St Patricks Day, theme. Plus I’ve been having fun sharing holiday riddles with my riddle buddies (the ones who share my love for fun riddles).

My senior mom usually hates having her picture taken. But she really liked the holiday idea to put on a greeting card. Very cool.

In case you prefer to go the gift route for Valentines Day, have you see the various LEGO options? Like this adorable dog, and many more. Too cute! 🙂

Cute Valentines Day LEGO Dog kids grandkids

How about you? Any grand plans.

Organized Grandparents

Did you know that January is Organization Month? I definitely need to update some of my organizational techniques. But between my real estate biz, helping my mom, and babysitting local grandkids, who’s got the time! 😉  But in case YOU do, here’s an interesting article from with tips for organizing the sentimental grandkid joys we’ve collected. Personally, my three favorite organizing tips are:

Grandkids craft organizer via Kaye Swain Roseville blogger

  1. Keep the craft items reasonably organized
  2. Take a photo of treasured memory items. Then I always have them available.
  3. Keep 1 -2 of my fave of each special memory treasure to enjoy seeing throughout the year. Box up anything I can share with future grandkids. Give away the rest to other kids to enjoy.

Thermostat Joys

Thermostat cover options via Kaye Swain Roseville senior parent caregiver

We LOVE our new thermostat. It works great and keeps our house at a comfortable temperature all the time now. It’s also much easier for me to use. However, my senior mom continues to have a hard time with any thermostat nowadays. When she tries to adjust it, she often turns on the fan or turns off the heater. When I’m home, it’s an easy fix. But if I’m out for the day, she could end up getting too chilly or too hot. So we’re trying a new plan. I created an inexpensive thermostat cover. I taped one of my lovely new blank greeting cards over it with a note reminding her to ask me to help her with it.

Thermostat options for senior mom Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent

So far so good. And it’s so pretty! You could easily use a pretty postcard as well. Because of the weight, it hangs down nicely and I just used two tiny pieces of scotch tape on the plastic top so it won’t damage the wall or anything else.  Much easier to install than a traditional thermostat cover and cuter too! 🙂

Sweet Encouragement

Our church has an annual tradition I love! Each year they give us a card with the year’s Bible verse on the front and our annual goal to fully surrender all to God on the back. Isn’t our 2017 one pretty? 🙂

Christian blogger Kaye Swain sharing encouraging Bible verses


This year I’m reading through the Bible with the help of an audio Bible app that, sadly, is no longer available to download. It reads an 11-12 minute portion to me daily. Then I pick one of the chapters it read to me and study that in depth. It’s been a blessing. While that one is no longer available, there are others including the YouVersion which also includes a through-the-Bible-in-a-year option. Such a great thing to do this year! Join me, won’t you?

Sweet Blessings

Have a great week, a fun Valentines month and a blessed 2017!


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Christmas Tree Grove Fun in Roseville

Oh me! Oh my! Oh Happy Christmas Tree Fun! Roseville Real Estate Agent Kaye Swain sharing Roseville Christmas Tree Downtown Square Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Tree Grove my sweet city of Roseville CA hosts every year as part of their multi-day holiday celebration fun that also includes the lighting of our majestic Downtown Square Christmas Tree.  I decided then that I wanted to do a Christmas tree for 2016 to celebrate the many grand joys of Roseville (can you tell I love my city! 🙂 ).

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent sharing Roseville California Joys Christmas Grove Tree

Christmas Tree Ornament Fun

While visiting one set of grandkids who had come to see me a few months earlier, I asked if they would like to help me and they gleefully said “YES!” Thanks to Michaels Craft Store, I was able to find a ton of adorable wooden ornaments. Some reflected the many things we love about Roseville – birds, children and grandchildren, dogs and granddogs, cats and grandcats, homes and keys to homes, and more. Others were chalkboard tags that let us write even more fun things like the great parks we have here – TONS – over 70!!!!! Walking trails! Cute critters like egrets, turkeys, coyotes, skunks, cows, horses…. So many fun things to love.

Christian Blogger REALTOR Kaye Swain West Roseville CA

We had a blast coloring, painting, talking, thinking, and more. It was a two or three day project while their parents were away enjoying time alone (a great gift we grandparents can share with our families and a great investment in the health and well-being of our kids marriages and our grandkids families! 😉 )

When we were done, I carefully packed everything up and brought it home and put it in my bookcase. I got the biggest smile every time I’d see those packages.

November finally arrived and it was time to get cracking at finishing the project. I spent several nights tying fish line hangers and gluing cute clothespins to the backs of ornaments to help attach them all. My youngest granddaughter there had finished a delightful red crocheted garland for me and it arrived safely.

Christmas tree ornaments my grandchildren made

Christmas Tree Decorating Fun

Finally December arrived and it was the day to decorate. And what fun. I got to meet new friends and see old friends from Roseville. I had a great time in crisp, chill, sunny weather decorating the tree. Later, it was time to head back for the fun, festivities, judging and awards ceremony. So many cute little and big kids were there. Good friends from our neighborhood to greet. My local beloved family came! I even got to meet fun folks like Mr Grinch, Cindy Lou, and Santa Claus. Too fun!

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent meeting the Grinch with Cindy Lou

Christmas Tree Grove Award

And oh my! There were so many lovely trees this year – all were a true delight. So you can imagine my shock, surprise, and joy when they called my name. My grandkids and my tree had won Most Spirited! HOW AWESOME! And how COOL to share the excitement with my sweet grandkids (THANK YOU AGAIN KIDDOS!).

Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR shares Christmas Tree winners

Christmas Tree Future Fun

One of the many sweet memories I shall treasure this year, that’s for sure! Of course, I made sure there were plenty of photos to share with my senior mom on her iPad! And yes! I’m already looking forward to next year – for both the Christmas Tree fun AND for more creative and gaming activities with sweet grandchildren, near and far! Sweet joys, indeed! And I’m so grateful to God for all these sweet gifts!  🙂

Sweet Gifts From God!

Roseville REALTOR Kaye Swain praises God great week great prize






Thanksgiving Joys


Happy Thanksgiving! Can you believe it’s here this week! We just enjoyed our Roseville Holiday Parade with both Thanksgiving and Christmas themes throughout. It was a sweet delight in spite of the rain that started just before the parade started! The kids and adults in it were such troupers! Cheery all the way in the midst of falling raindrops – lots of them! And I had fun taking photos of all – though I did stay under an eave for most of it.

Heater Woes

Last weekend started off a bit bumpy. Our heater quit working! It took a while to get if fixed too! With an elderly mom, a cute new grand baby, and winter weather fast approaching (including a cold spell that started that day), that was a definite concern! Unfortunately, it happened over the weekend so I headed out to Walmart and picked up a Honeywell electric heater to tide us over. That had worked well for us a few years ago with a similar situation.

I specifically looked for a heater that:

  • Had an adjustable thermostat
  • Cool touch carry handle
  • 360 degree tip over protection (if it gets tipped, it turns off)
  • Overheat protection

I wound up buying a Honeywell 60 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater with Surround Heat Output. It is small and has to stay fairly close. But it was a safe and welcome help for my senior mom. And it would have worked well for grandbaby as well (with total supervision, of course) if we’d needed it. But hooray. The next day, we got a great guy out to work on the heater. He quickly discovered the failing part in the heater and was able to have it replaced and back to work the same day!

Thermostat FAIL

Want to know the best part about all this? When the heater stopped working properly,  I first thought it was the thermostat. The existing thermostat was awful. We’d set the temp and it might go 3-5 degrees above what we wanted or below what we wanted. I couldn’t go out and leave it set for the day and count on it keeping my mom comfortable. Just like with Goldilocks and the three bears, it might be too hot or too cold or just right. And for my poor mom, it was a totally confusing pain in the neck! Since I thought it might be the thermostat, I researched new thermostats and discovered some intriguing options.

Easier Honeywell Thermostats

Honeywell non-programmable thermostat via Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent

As fancy as these programmable thermostats are, there are way too many options for many older seniors. But guess what, there are NON-programmable thermostats, including some by Honeywell.  While our serviceman was there, I asked if he had any of those types and HE DID! I had him switch it out and WOW! It’s been WONDERFUL. I set the new Honeywell thermostat to a specific temperature and it goes to that temp. AND stays at that temp. AND it’s so much easier to operate. I may eventually tape up two of the buttons (for the fan and to select heat/air). That would leave only two up/down buttons to be navigated. Much easier for my senior mom!

Words of Encouragement

Our new Honeywell thermostat is a lovely example of “we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” If the heater hadn’t broken, we’d still be fussing, fighting and fuming (and praying) over that irritating thermostat. But NOW, we’re smiling all through the day!

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent shares Honeywell heater

Got More Ideas?

How about you? Are you happy with your thermostat?  Is it a Honeywell too? Got any other suggestions for this kind of situation? We’d love to hear. Pop over to my Facebook page and leave your ideas. 🙂

Grandkid Joys!

Roseville Real Estate Agent Kaye Swain shares grandkid joysI just returned from a fun visit with half my long distance grandkids. We played chess. We played checkers. We played Trouble. We played Gin Rummy. We played hide n seek. We made scrambled eggs. We had such a lovely time. We won’t mention how MANY games I lost – we’ll simply say I managed to win at least 1-2 from each grandkid….and that’s it! YIKES they are good at games nowadays!

We had fun with our long-standing tradition of filling Samaritan’s Boxes to share Christmas joys with children in other countries through Operation Christmas Child. This year, we included smaller LEGO sets in the boxes and I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of the kids prepping them. We had to take them out of their original boxes so we could get more goodies in the shoeboxes! 🙂

We even got to decorate the Christmas tree early again this year. Such joys with the grandkids and such sweet memories AND photos to share back home. I love getting to stretch out the holiday season this way! What’s a fave holiday tradition for you and your grandkids?

Elderly Parent Joys

Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR shares elderly parents senior flipper TV remote

My senior mom is having a harder time with the TV and remote when I’m gone. We have a great service with SOOOOO many options – way more than any of us ever use. And all those choices can be a problem for her if she punches the wrong button.

I finally got out a TV remote for seniors that I bought a while back that didn’t work quite the way I wanted. It still doesn’t. It’s not perfect. (I’m test-driving another this week – so if it’s good, I’ll share it later). This one SHOULD be able to turn the TV on and off, adjust the volume, AND change the channels. For some reason, I can only do the TV or the Cable box. So the cable box wins. I can turn the TV on for her – or we could leave it on all day if need be. But now, she can use this simple clicker to go up and down the channels without having to punch in numbers. And she can’t get lost in a menu she doesn’t understand. So far, it seems to be working well for her so that makes me happy. How about you and your elderly parents? Have you found a great remote? We’d love to hear about it.

Encouraging Joys

It’s been a tough month for our nation in a variety of ways. Through it all, I’ve clung to verses like this one. Sweet joys indeed!

Roseville REALTOR Kaye Swain shares encouraging Bible Verses

November Joys

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent sharing Thanksgiving turkey pumpkin joys

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Don’t forget to place your Thanksgiving orders SOON! Thanks to my local grocery store, my fresh turkey will be arriving the Tuesday before the big day. (For that matter, did you know you can now order turkey at Amazon! WOW! 🙂 ) Have a great week and maybe think of some extra Vitamin C – there are lots of virus and flu bugs flying around. So smile lots, hug your senior parents much, stay healthy, and have fun with grandkids near and far.