Overwhelming Sandwich Generation Issues? Comforting Bible Verses – Psalm 16:8, 11

These are some of the many special and very comforting Bible verses that I've got written down and read regularly – especially when the various Sandwich Generation issues get a bit overwhelming

Comforting Bible verses remind all of us in the Sandwich Generation - along with our aging parents and our kids and grandkids that God is leading us step by step - such a great way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy of His Word

Isn't it a blessing to know that when God is central in our lives, we will not be shaken – no matter how we may "feel" at a particular moment in time. 🙂 And what a blessing to share these encouraging Bible verses with our aging parents, as well as teach them as Bible memory verses for our children and grandchildren! 

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  1. Kaye, Your blog is beautiful. As a military family my kids don’t get to see grandparents often. My visits, but none of the others do, and it’s almost impossible for our large family to fly to visit them (pay for rental cars, hotels, etc).

    We did get to visit them when we had an overseas move 2 summers ago. We made a layover in their area of the world (NY and PA) and then we were blessed to borrow a van big enough to fit all of us. There was no air conditioning in the van and it was 100 degree weather in NY and PA, but we did ok!

    Anyway, it’s great if kids know their grandparents and get to spend time with them.

  2. That is precious. You are such a blessing to your loved ones I know. Thanks for your sweet visit, Dear. Blessings ~

  3. That sounds so fun, Sue! We know the same feeling well, but do get to visit around periodically. And it is, indeed, such a sweet blessing. 🙂

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