Dealing With Extreme Weather and The Sandwich Generation Issues

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The snow was higher at my front door and the streets looked dreadful - but thanks to the hard work of the salt truck drivers and snow plows - this Sandwich Generation granny nanny did just fine - God is GOODIt’s definitely been one of THOSE Sandwich Generation weeks for our family! On Wednesday, I posted about the upcoming storm with a photo of the brine trails and how much I appreciated God’s sending the personnel to provide that on our various streets. I am triply grateful now. I was woken early the next morning by the sound of a phone call full of concern for a sick loved one, coupled with streets covered with snow.

“Are you able to get out to help so I can take him to the doctor’s? He’s quite sick!”Β 

“The Lord willing,” I repliedΒ 

Grabbing a quick shower, and gathering up all my necessities, along with some emergency supplies, just in case, I was on the road within 45 minutes. In my car were blankets, ice cleats for boots or shoes, chocolate, one of the newest books by Kay Arthur (about pain and suffering), and a fully charged micro mini pc netbook. If I had gotten stuck, I would have had sustenance and work to keep me busy for a while. But God was so GOOD!

Thanks to all those salt trucks, I crept along at 10 mph on the still partially-snow-covered one mile to the semi-main road….Then three miles at 30 mph on a semi-slushy road with the snow falling….Finally I reached the main highway, where I was able to safely drive 45 mph (10 below the speed limit πŸ™‚ ) the rest of the way.

As I did, I was praising God and thinking of all the encouraging Bible verses in Psalm 25 – especially verse 15:

My eyes are continually toward the LORD, For He will pluck my feet out of the net.

AND He will keep my tires out of the snow drifts and icy slides!

In fact, I had to make the same trip the next day, after more snow and was encouraged by the same blessings. Now the snow is melting, the sick one is showing good progress, and I’m facing the next set of storms with my eyes fixed on our precious Savior, the rock of our salvation, and truly, our refuge and our strength!Β 

Life is never easy – in or out of the Sandwich Generation. But our God is always with us, protecting us, guarding us, and leading us! For that, I am so grateful!


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