Minecraft Update’s Update and Vital Video Info To Help Our Grandkids

by Kaye Swain

Cool Minecraft airplanes and lovely pink sunset - a delight for the grandkids and the Sandwich Generation granny nannyWhew! My grandkids and I prayed LOTS and got brave and switched back from the plain Vanilla server to the Bukkit option with all the plugins we used to have. The new castle they built in the vanilla world was fine! The old buildings and airplanes they had made in the Bukkit option – before the upgrade – were all fine! And they LOVED the superman plugin I had installed, one hour before everything upgraded and disappeared, temporarily. Definitely a sweet YES to prayer and a win-win-win for this busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny!

Pink is found even in the Minecraft game land - fun for grandkids AND grandma

This is not to say that all is perfect in our "minecraft goings on." One definite concern for us all to be aware of are the rapidly expanding number of YouTube videos, giving step by step help and ideas for working in Minecraft. "Great!" That was my original thought. A positive alternative to TV, right? NOT ALWAYS. Many of these videos are laced with cuss words. Sometimes just a couple, many times a lot! 

I tried typing in "family friendly" AND Minecraft AND videos. That did give us some positive options, including many (though not all) of the Punchwood Island series by Paul Soares. My grandkids love his family's island and his videos. But I did catch some inappropriate language in his newest series. My main advice – watch the videos with your kids and grandkids. Or at least check out one or two of a series before letting them listen on their own. Same as with TV! Also, start your search with GodTube.com first. They don't have as many options, but they do have some.

The videos are a big help to the grandkids to learn how to make some really grand things, like a gorgeous castle with an underground entrance and airplanes up in the sky (now if we could just figure out the plugin that enables some of them to fly :) ).

Last night, we were reading about Noah's Ark. After we finished, I had an "AH HA" moment. I went to YouTube and typed in Noah's Ark AND Minecraft and found several fun looking videos. We watched one and I really enjoyed it. It gave a great visual example of how big the ark was. My grandson seemed a bit intimidated by it as it would be a VERY long and time-consuming project. But maybe next year for him? :) 

How about you? Have you and your grandkids done any building this week – with Minecraft, LEGOs, blocks, or other materials – real or virtual? We'd love to hear. 

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