Merry Christmas Blog Party Fun For the Sandwich Generation!

by Kaye Swain

Merry Christmas to the Sandwich Generation and others visiting for the Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party - with this cute country clipartHello! Welcome to SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation and our annual joining in with and their Caregiver's Holiday Progressive Blog Party

For those who are new, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Kaye Swain and I've been involved in multigenerational caregiving off and on for over 40 years. First as a young mom, helping my own mother as she cared for her parents, her in-laws, a couple of aunts and uncles and even some sweet seniors in the neighborhood. Talk about setting a sterling example of caring! Both my mom and dad were awesome at that!

Now she's living with me as I help her (and she helps me :) ) and, at the same time, I am frequently found babysitting my local grandchildren. Hence, the Sandwich Generation – Club Sandwich, that is, as Carol Abaya coined it – Mom and Grandkids being the bread and me being the FILLING in the middle. :) 

Here at SandwichINK you will find ideas I have tried for both my senior mom and my grandkids – from health tips like dealing with UTIs to fun iPhone game apps for the grandkids (not to mention my senior mom's iPad adventures) to sweet encouragement for all of us caregivers and more. And one of those ways to encourage the caregiver is sharing various blog parties from various holiday blog parties to my weekly faves like Pink Saturday and Rednesday. So don't forget to visit where Denise has even more blog party fun including grand prizes (like the $20 Amazon gift certificate from SandwichINK) and great company.

Merry Christmas to multigenerational caregivers everywhere

Have a lovely party time, a blessed Christmas season, and a New Year full of hope and blessings and we encourage each other on this nurturing road called caregiving.


P.S. Thank you so much for your comments. I enjoy them very much and read each one. I also love the grand ideas so many of you share that help and encourage other readers. Thank you.