Memory-Making Graphic T-Shirts for the Baby Boomers Generation Women and Men

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Are you one of the never-gonna-be-aging Baby Boomers Generation? I’m right there with you! I remember wearing dresses, and only dresses, to school in grades 1-8 and this was wayyyy before uniforms were popular in school. It was just the practice everywhere! Then came high school and the late 60’s. Jeans, baby!!!! I “moved into them” along with a wide variety of great graphic t-shirts and other tops, and have never looked back!

My favorite tops were the cool (though now they’d probably be considered vintage or retro) graphic t shirts with all sorts of screen prints. Then I got older and more mature. I added some of the “nicer” looking polyester and knit tops, but still kept plenty of cute t-shirts.

The 40s arrived (my 40s that is), and with it a warming climate better known as “the change.” As my body temps went up, my clothes got hotter and stickier. My wise senior mom suggested I go back to all-cotton graphic t-shirts. I gave it a shot and fell in love.  Ten years later, my body is behaving a bit nicer to me, but I’m so much more comfy in these t-shirts that, for the most part, that’s what you can find me in.

Of course, the styles keep changing and it can be hard to find what I want in the stores. Fortunately, the Mountain T-Shirt Company is available online for me to pick and choose whatever I like from their huge collection of cute animal and other cotton graphic t-shirts. Being the fun grandparents that I am, I enjoy picking animal print t-shirts that I know my grandkids will enjoy as much as me! As I sit here typing away, I’m wearing a purple shirt with monkeys crawling all over it eating bananas. 🙂

Grandkids love these cool monkey graphic t-shirts for women and men

My grandchildren are especially fond of my frog t-shirt, which I love as well, since it helps me remind them to FROG – Fully Rely On God!

And how about this adorable animal print t shirt – Meow! 🙂


Check out these cool horse graphic t-shirts. Perfect for a patriotic holiday or visiting horse-loving grandkids. 🙂


Of course, if you prefer a softer, gentler look, you can find that as well. I’m personally considering buying one of these cute graphic t-shirts for women with kitties on it. I have a senior aunt who will probably love these as well!

My granddogs would love these shirts, don’t you think?

And yes, they have plenty of cool graphic t-shirts for men, as well, including, of course, a nice selection of animal print t-shirts like these wolves.


They carry all sizes from youth on up to a man’s 3XL! If you enjoy activities and trips for grandparents and grandchildren, it can be a great idea to outfit everyone in the same t-shirt. It makes it so much easier to spot the little ones and vice versa. The Mountain T-Shirt Company offers great prices and a wonderful guarantee. Not only that, you can also purchase many of their t-shirts through Amazon and some are even less expensive there.

If you, like me, find that shopping for our refuse-to-admit-we-are-aging Baby Boomers Generation bodies is getting harder and harder because of fewer and fewer choices AND you love cool graphic t-shirts for women and men made out of 100% cotton, you will be blessed with The Mountain T-Shirt Company’s t-shirts and other apparel. I’ve been shopping there for over five years and love them!  They hold up well under repeated washings (very handy for grandparents, like me, who love to make messes with our grandkids 🙂 ), and are just plain cute.

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