Love These Fun and Friendly Commercials for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family

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Commercials? Really? Yup! Normally I am NOT a big fan of commercials. But…My youngest local grandson was over visiting his great-grandma and me. After he showed me a somersault flip on my couch, we got to talking about specialty dives into a swimming pool. Off we went to the computer so I could show him some prize-winning Olympic dives. On one of the sites we looked, the video started with a Volkswagen commercial that set us off in a whole different direction. It was such a "cute hoot!" It had him, my senior mom, and me all laughing our heads off. Definitely a great Super Bowl commercial for the Sandwich Generation!

Did you watch all the way to the end, with the Star Wars characters? As soon as I saw that, I started laughing even harder, as I knew exactly what commercial it was referring to – another absolute favorite of this baby boomer grandma whose whole family loves Star Wars.

Awwww, wasn't that funny and adorable? We all laughed and laughed and laughed. I want to give mega KUDOs to Volkswagen for such creative, funny, and family-friendly commercials for the Super Bowl. My whole Sandwich Generation family definitely appreciates them. How about yours? 🙂