Lightweight Transport / Travel Wheelchairs Are a Favorite for This Sandwich Generation Family

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lightweight transport wheelchair

It’s amazing what kind of an impact a simple injury can have on the Sandwich Generation family dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents and helping with the grandkids. With a fifth metatarsal fracture, I’m able to be hobbling about but there’s definitely no monster tag with the grandkids anytime soon. I can fairly easily keep up with one grandchild, but if I have all of them it requires a lot more pre-planning and relying on good educational TV shows and movies from iTunes Store TV Shows, DVDs and Netflix!

My senior mom has been wonderful! She would wait on me non-stop if I’d let her. As I pointed out, though, I do need to move some so I only gain 10 pounds over this whole fiasco instead of 500! 🙂  She was disappointed when she realized I can’t take walks through the neighborhood with her. We put on our thinking caps, though, and came up with a fun solution that my grandkids enjoy as well. I bought one of the lightweight Medline transport wheelchairs from Amazon using my Prime Discount Membership to get free shipping!

Lightweight Medline Transport Travel Wheelchairs are perfect for all the ages included in the Sandwich Generation

We had used a similar lightweight transport chair years ago for my dad when his advanced symptoms of Parkinson’s disease were bad enough he could no longer walk. They are wonderful! They are light-weight, easy to fold, big enough to hold most people, and small enough to store easily in most cars! We have the fondest memories of him “walking” through the house in one with his youngest great-grandkids on his lap. And it was even more useful when he reached the end stage of his Parkinson’s Disease, so that we could easily take him to other rooms to give him the fun of watching the little ones, even though he could no longer “walk” with them.

Now those same grandkids are old enough to help push me in one if I need it. The nice thing is that we can put the feet on or leave them off. I opted to leave them off and I can actually propel myself forwards and backwards in it. We ordered the transport wheelchair on Thursday and, thanks to my Amazon Prime Membership, it arrived on Saturday – just in time to make a delightful “Mother’s Day Gift” to my senior mom and myself. I pulled it out of the box and easily unfolded it. It was already assembled, other than adding the feet – HOORAY!

My oldest grandson, my senior mom, and I all took it for a spin around the block and it worked great. Sometimes he pushed, sometimes she pushed, and sometimes I walked myself while sitting down (gotta use up calories and get some exercise somehow!). For the steep hills, I got out, he sat down, and I pushed him, while using the wheelchair as a “crutch” to keep me from walking on the injury. It worked GREAT! If i had tried to hobble around the whole block on my walking boot with a cane, it would have taken ten times as long and I would have been in a lot of pain by the end of the walk. This way, I had no pain, no extra pressure on my foot, and my senior mom had plenty of company for the exercise she needs and enjoys. It was definitely well worthwhile!

I remember when we first had a transport wheelchair  for my dad and several people stopped to ask us where we found it. Even our doctor was impressed by it. I guess you could call it the “umbrella stroller” of wheelchairs. The bigger, sturdier (and much heavier) wheelchairs definitely have vital uses, as do electric powered wheelchairs and medical mobility scooters. The best thing about travel wheelchairs, as they are also called, is how light they are so even many of our senior parents could lift them if they had to. These transport wheelchairs have definitely been a big help to our Sandwich Generation family and will be sticking around long after this 5th metatarsal fracture is a fuzzy memory! 

Love these red transport - travel wheelchairs that are easily foldable

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