Leaving A Space-full Spiritual Legacy for All of our Grandkids

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Star Trek - Sanctuary - was one of the many novels this baby boomer granny nanny loved to read before the grandkids kept her so wonderfully busyOh my! As a member of the baby boomer generation, I have vague memories of the original trips to the Moon, strong memories of the space shuttle trips – including the sadness of the Challenger explosion and the excitement of the next Shuttle to land – which I got to watch in person from a LOOOOOONNNNGGG way away with about a zillion other enthusiasts.

I'm a Trekkie who prefers the Classics Star Treks, followed closely by the Next Generation and the newest movies out which mean my grandkids can enjoy Star Trek as well. AND I love praise and worship hymn songs and music, including the song, More, by Matthew West. All of this to say that I was so THRILLED to discover news that More was the song played for NASA Mission Specialist Rex Walheim on the final morning of the Space Shuttle's time in space.

What fun for this baby boomer. Talk about leaving a great spiritual legacy! He has certainly done that – for his family AND for ours. What a wonderful educational and Godly example this is for all our grandchildren. Thank you NASA Mission Specialist Rex Walheim!   🙂