Jitterbug Simple Cell Phones for Senior Citizens Mean A More Productive Sandwich Generation!

by Kaye Swain

My senior mom and I think the Jitterbug are the best cell phones for senior citizensWe think the Jitterbug is one of the best cell phones for senior citizens. Click here to buy them safely from Amazon right now

When your senior parent starts to show signs of a bit less energy, but still prizes their independence, you can often help by "just being there." It might be easier to pick up grocery items for on your own, while quickly running errands, since juggling the Sandwich Generation issues of life can keep you extremely busy. When you do that, though your elderly parents lose an opportunity to get out of the house, see other people, and enjoy a bit of normal-ness.

Instead, how about taking them with you and picking a store you enjoy window shopping at or one that offers a seating area where you can work while they enjoy shopping. If they wear out, they can easily call you on their Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens and you're only a minute or two away from helping them. 

We consider the Jitterbug to be one of the best cell phones for senior citizens

Walmart, Target, and Sam's Club are all great options for my senior mom and me. She has fun meandering through the aisles, picking out the items she needs and wants. I do my shopping, put it away, then settle down at one of the tables to work. I always have a shorthand notebook handy to write articles. I use my iPhone to check my email. And since I have the Kindle app on my iPhone plus always carry my iPod, I'm never without books to read or listen to. Sometimes I can even find a plug to keep my iPhone nicely charged as I busily work away.

The bottom line – thanks to my iPhone and my senior mom's willingness and ability to use one of the Jitterbug simple cell phones for senior citizens (personally, we think Jitterbug is the best cell phone for seniors due to its ease of use, large size, and the fact that it comes as a flip phone which means no accidental calls), I can be just as productive at Walmart and McDonald's as I can be at home, sometimes more. I get some of my best ideas there – like this article. :)

For a member of the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents while juggling activities for grandparents and their grandchildren with writing and blogging, that's definitely a blessing and an encouragement, for both my senior mom and myself! 

Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens can definitely help in an emergency

P.S. Want more info about the ? Just click here.  You'll find vital statistics, customizable features, and their wonderfully flexible and affordable plan (no contracts – my senior mom especially LOVES that!).  :)


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