It May Be REDnesday But This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Is Singin’ the “Trying to Lose Weight” Blues While Exercising on Her Portable Mini Cycle

by Kaye Swain

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It's time for a Sandwich Generation granny nanny confession. I've got the "lost ten pounds but went back up 2 pounds" blues! Just like Genie from Buttons for Baga, who commented last week, I also weigh myself every day and was so bummed to make this discovery twice in the last 3 days. It's either fluctuation or flat line and just bubbling up and down. Why? 

I've been thinking a lot about that in between errands with my senior mom and babysitting grandchildren and came up with these possibilities:

1. Exercise. Granted, the weather hasn't been great. I've stayed active almost every day including walking with my senior mom several times a week – where I make good use of my easy to use digital camera to snap this gorgeous bush full of green leaves and bright red berries just bursting out to say GOOD-BYE to FEBRUARY and HELLO to MARCH! 

Taking walks - playing tag and other running activities for grandparents and grandchildren - are all great ways to exercise while on the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet and great ways to enjoy encouraging signs of spring

But with her recuperation going slower than she hoped, we aren't walking as far or as fast. While slow walking is still useful for general health, it probably isn't doing a whole lot for my plan to lose weight. And with the back yard a muddy swimming pool at the moment, playing tag has been happening during breaks in the weather, but not nearly as often. I'm definitely not exercising as much as I usually do in spring, summer, and fall. I'm going to have to get myself on a daily regimen of riding my portable mini cycle – pedal exerciser instead of sporadically when I'm not going anywhere. That can be hard to do, though, with a busy schedule of caring for elderly parents, babysitting grandchildren and writing, but I'm determined. Guess I need to put it back beside my TV and pedal away on those exercise pedals in lieu of other things for at least 1/2 hour a night. What's your favorite time and way to squish exercise into your busy schedule?

Love This Carex Mini Exercise Pedal Bike

2. Eating Out. I have to admit, I do eat out fairly often due to so many back and forth trips from home to grandkids and back. I've noticed that the meals where I eat aren't always the same proportion so even if their nutritional charts show that I'm eating the right amount of calories, I could actually be getting more calories because they inadvertently gave me too much food. I'll be "dishing up" my fave eat-out options next week, but in the meantime I'm cutting back a bit on portions when I have to eat out, trying to eat at home more often (definitely one of those practical ways to save money – which is always a nice bonus) and will report on how that goes too. :)

3. MUFA Foods Diet Snacks. Grabbing a bag of cashews and chocolate chips is the easiest solution for a busy day of babysitting grandchildren and running errands, but perhaps the fat count makes it not the most optimal. Especially when my cravings really hunger for that at night as well.  I'm going to look into better choices earlier and save these tasty treats for night time only. Tomorrow… Maybe the day after… Maybe I'll try everything else first! :) (They REALLY are good and they ARE keeping me out of the oreos so I'm definitely ahead of the game there!)

4. Healthy frozen dinners? I mostly eat what the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet book suggests:

The Flat Belly MUFA foods diet book recommends this health frozen foods dinner by Amys


I loved these healthy frozen foods by Amys even before the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet

I also added this yummy dinner from Healthy Choice after checking the ingredients. Seems to be a good match for the diet and as Janice from 5MinutesForMom also points out, " I have been using Healthy Choice meals when I need a quick lunch or dinner. These fast meals taste good AND they really are healthy choices!" Always nice to have good company. :)

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves these Healthy Choice Frozen foods for the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet

I usually add an avocado to these TV Dinners for the MUFA foods for that meal. I also strive for at least one salad a day. I'm thinking on days I don't babysit this week, I need to up that to two salads. That can be hard to do with a busy schedule, can't it? Have you ever noticed how long it takes to eat a salad! Oyyyyy!


5. Portion control at home.  I've been really faithful at measuring but some of the items call for 1/8 of a cup so I've been using 2 tablespoons. I suspect it makes a difference and that, for example, a few extra cashews snuck in that way. This week, I was so pleased to discover Walmart had these handy dandy 1/8 cup coffee measurers which work fine for cashews and other items too. Even my senior mom thought they were cute. 

I found these 1-8 cups at Walmart - this Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves these for the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet

Not only that, Amazon has a red kitchen utensils set that is a 19 piece measuring cup and spoon set with 1/8 cup AND several other unique sizes, like the 1/32 teaspoon, that don't come with most sets. Sweet!   :)

These cute red white and grey kitchen utensils are also quite practical - perfect for the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny

Well, that's my "diet homework" for the week. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions for me? How are you doing with your weight – good, bad, dieting? And don't forget, you can get more good ideas at 5MinutesForMom and their Winter Weight Off.

Also, if you, too, have an easy to use digital camera and want tips for those cute and interesting pictures of grandchildren, red berry bushes, and frozen dinners, be sure to visit Sweet Shot Tuesday for lots of great ideas for everyone, including the Sandwich Generation. And for all things fun and RED, be sure to check out Sue's REDnesday. It's reddy reddy fun and a nice smile break. :) 

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1 Dominique @Dominique's Desk

Those are lovely measuring spoons. I have a small set of 5 which I use for baking.
It’s not easy adding exercise to taking care of young kids. My 5mth old hates being put down so I have to put her in a carrier and do the housework with her in tow.. I find chasing the elder boys 4 and 6 up and down the stairs to finish their homework another way of working out too. .. I guess you can work out with the grandkids together.

2 Carol at Our Sears Kit Home

Great list. Beautiful utensils!

3 Susan

Thanks for all the great tips. Gosh, I wish I could lost 10lbs!! Don’t be hard on your self.

Pretty plant♥

4 genie

What a great post for all of us who battle to keep out weight under control. I weigh EVERY morning without fail just to be sure I am not putting any weight back on. I have keep if off for 4 years…thank goodness. Happy Rednesday.

5 Leslie

I’m gonna be right with you on this. Great tips and inspiration. I need to get moving!

6 Kaye Swain

Hi Leslie, We’ll do it together! :) :) :)

7 Kaye Swain

ME TOO Genie, me too! Keeps it from getting too hard for me to lose. :)

8 Kaye Swain

Thanks Susan, that’s a big encouragement to me! :) Course, after I wrote that, I went and at too much for snacks. BUT less than normal and all healthy foods, so that helps. :)

9 Kaye Swain

Hi Carol, Aren’t those purty! I have them in my shopping cart for the next time I order from Amazon. :)

10 Kaye Swain

Ahhh, but Dominque, think of how many calories you’re burning doing all that heaving, ho-ing, and chasing. :) I keep reminding myself of that every time I have to and it sounds like you are doing it a lot more than me – a terrific work-out. :)

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