iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! Using Fall and Autumn Bliss to Encourage!

by Kaye Swain

Fall - Autumn bliss to delight the Sandwich GenerationMy senior mom and I are continuing to work on her iPad and she is loving the pictures. And we are quite excited as another of her great-grandchildren has joined the "FaceTime Family" with birthday gift of an iTouch. She was THRILLED and my senior mom will be too, once she figures out how to do it and finds the time in the midst of her classes, choir, piano, etc. :) 

In the meantime, my mom is MUCH happier with all her photos in one spot. if you have specific photos you definitely want on an elderly parents iPad, be very careful to note what those photos are – and maybe even make a duplicate file of them for temporary purposes. When I combined the photos into one album, and backed it up – I did find that some I had added from text messages, etc. don't seem to be there. It's not a problem for me as I have copies of them elsewhere. And my senior mom didn't care – she just loves to see any and all photos. But it could have been a disaster if I needed certain ones there!

My senior moms gardening activities are a blessing to us allAs it is, I'm just planning on swapping photos on and off her iPad every few weeks, as time permits, so she can enjoy different ones at different times, without being too overwhelmed. (Kind of like keeping grandkids toys in different boxes – and swapping them out every few months – then they don't get tired of them. :) )

Next on my list I plan on working on putting some fun videos of the grandkids and granddogs on it and teaching her how to use it. That will be a little trickier for her, but well worth it, if we succeed. And if we don't, that's OK too. I can just play them for her periodically. 

Do you or your elderly parents have an iPad? It's such a blessing for seniors if they can learn how to use it, isn't it? What accessories or apps would you suggest for my senior mom? We'd love to hear! 

Pink Saturday things like these lovely flowers are a delight for the Sandwich Generation


P.S. Thank you so much for your comments. I enjoy them very much and read each one. I also love the grand ideas so many of you share that help and encourage other readers. Thank you.