iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! The Whole Shebang!

My senior moms iPad and one of her accessories and apps for seniors that she appreciates - the blue cover caseMy senior mom and I have been enjoying learning all about her new iPad, along with all the various apps and accessories that seem easiest and best for seniors. In case you'd like to learn about them as well, here's the whole "shebang" of articles I've shared, with more to be added. :) Enjoy!

Our adventures begin! – iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! It’s Begun…

For boomers and seniors AND grandkids, it's wise to take some special steps to be sure your iPad is safe – It’s Protected!

The main reason our Sandwich Generation family is giving the iPad a whirl – FaceTime

It's easy to get lost on those iPads, isn't it? Fun and Easy Home Key and Photo Album Tips!

A fun way to entice my senior mom to give the iPad video apps a whirl – making it fun for seniors and grandkids alike! Using Fall and Autumn Bliss to Encourage!

OH NO! What if the iPad gets misplaced? Not to worry! What Was Lost Is Easily Found

Power outage issues? The iPad has us covered! Power Outage Perk of the iPad


Get Your News via the iPad! "Read All About It"  

Are your senior parents not able to get out and enjoy the seasonal weather? Doesn't matter what season it is, the iPad can help! Up Close and Personal 

The iPad may be able to help those seniors dealing with macular degeneration!

This article lists other sites exploring their own senior parents iPad Adventures

How about you? Are you also exploring the iPad with elderly parents? Got any tips for us? We'd love to hear them!