iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! Fall Foliage – Up Close and Personal!

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My senior mom thrilled to see all the lovely fall and autumn foliage on her iPad thanks to one of the best apps for seniors - the photo album f

My senior mom and I had such a delightful time this past Saturday. We went shopping for clothes and food and took the long way to the stores in order to drive through miles and miles of gorgeous fall foliage! Such a sweet delight. My mom hunted for postcards to show off these lovely colors to friends living far away, since none have computers for us to email them. Would you believe, out of five stores, we only found one postcard! Guess it's time for me to learn how to print photos from my computer. 🙂 Because we DID stop several times to take a multitude of lovely photos, in addition to this one! And guess where all those photos now reside? 

A treasure for the senses for my senior mom on her iPad  f

You got it! Her new iPad. And oh my! You should have heard her when she saw those lovely trees – up close and personal – and in such vivid color. Yet another reason I'm glad she is learning this new-fangled iPad, even if it is a bit of a challenge for her and a wee bit of extra work for me. It's definitely worth it!