Holidays or Hospitalizations – What’s A Granddog To Do! Part 2

by Kaye Swain

The Pet Smart Pet Hotel for dogs and cats makes excellent dog kennel alternatives for nervous senior parents - and has fun red for REDnesday Caring for elderly parents OR grandkids, can lead to granddog or grandcat caregiving needs as well. This is particularly true at holiday time or when they are facing a hospitalization. Friends, relatives, and neighbors are often available to help care for a pet, as are local kennels. But another good option, particularly for special needs or desires can be on of the excellent doggy daycare and hotels available such as the Pet Smart Dog Hotel. I started telling you about these options yesterday, and here's more…

One very important fact, and it's for the safety of your own granddog and others –  vaccinations are a strict requirement at all pet hotels – and there is a Bordetella vaccination that may be required more often than your vet normally administers, because of being around other dogs. Be sure to check on that in advance, so you don't end up with no options in the middle of a family crisis. And, if you think this may be an upcoming need, due to worsening health issues, it would be wise to talk to your vet about having this done more often, just in case.

As Petsmart explains on their website:

"QUESTION: "Why do you require a six month Bordetella vaccination? My dog usually gets this yearly or not at all.

ANSWER: The boarding and veterinary industry believe that a dog who is exposed to one-on-one contact with another dog such as boarding, day camp, and dog parks needs to receive a Bordetella shot every six months. We follow the recommendations of the AVMA's Drug Task Force which highly recommends the Bordetella vaccination for all dogs in boarding, camping, grooming, training, ect. –  dog to dog contact. This shot reduces the likelihood of Tracheobronchitis, also commonly referred to as canine cough."

Not all granddogs have a friend to play with - as my easy to use digital camera shows that my granddogs do - thus a Pet Smart dog hotel or other doggie hotel can give them a chance for friendly play while your aging parent recuperates happily

I have been intrigued to discover, whether it's a luxury pet hotel or not, they generally seem to have a "menu" of items to select from. You can, of course, arrange for the 'bare bones" stay (pun intended :) ). However, if your senior parent prefers, they can select from such things as special treats, extra playtime with other dogs (especially nice for those granddogs who don't normally get to play with other dogs), a manicure, a bath, and more. Some even offer special dog training classes – a chance to help your granddog learn a new skill or practice an old one. That could be a big help for your senior parent when they get home.

If your senior parent will be needing some long-term care for their beloved pet – whether due to hospitalization or holiday travel, and is looking for dog kennel alternatives (or you are), take a peek at a pet hotel near you. They might be just the right thing for your Sandwich Generation family, enabling you to help your aging parent with a bit less stress! You can find local ones by typing in pet hotel AND your city and state. If you'd like to find the PetSmart PetsHotel locations near you, just click here . And yes, we'd love to hear what suggestions YOU have. :) 

P.S. Can you tell this Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves sharing granddog photos from my easy to use digital camera? :) For more cute photos, check out Sweet Shot Tuesday! And for more delightful reds to pick up your day, visit Rednesday. Enjoy. :) 


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