Heart News of Special Importance for Boomer and Senior Women

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Last week, twas the EYES that captured our attention. This week – it’s all about the heart, in more ways than one. First, heart-health, since the Heart-Y News for Boomers and Seniors Caring for Elderly Parents – in OR out of the Sandwich Generation – is that this is American Heart Month. And, while I know that the number of men caregivers is growing, the reality is that most caregivers are still women, including MOI. AND I have noticed, this month, that there has been a TON of extra info about women and heart attacks. That indicates to me that it is a growing concern. After a bit of research, I discovered that heart disease is the leading cause of death of American women, killing more than a third of them. Not only that, according to MedlinePlus, it is also a leading cause of disability among women. AND according to The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease:

  • More women than men die of heart disease each year.
  • 23% of women and 18% of men will die within one year of a first recognized heart attack; 22-32% of women and 15-27% of men heart attack survivors will die within five years.
  • Women are less likely than men to receive appropriate treatment after a heart attack.

WOW! I had no clue about all of that, did you? That’s important information for all of us in the Sandwich Generation to know – men AND women. Why?
If we are caregivers and we have a heart attack, who will care for our loved ones. If our loved ones are heathy now – are they at risk of having a heart attack. And, if we, or someone we are caring for, feel symptoms of a heart attack – whether man OR woman – we need to take it seriously and call 911 immediately – for the whole family’s sake! 

Scary news for boomers and seniors, that’s for sure! And I hate to end on too gloomy a note. So along with the hard news, I wanted to share some great news about SandwichINK. 

For the second year in a row,  SandwichINK has been nominated for the SeniorHomes.com Best of the Web 2012 in the category of  best senior blogs by individuals. I’d so appreciate it if you would take just a minute to vote for SandwichINK. Just click here, then click on the Facebook Like and/or the Google +1 at the top of the page.  If you have both a Facebook and a Google+ account, you can vote two times. 

While you’re there, you might also want to click on the badge there and visit some of the other great sites that have also been nominated. It’s definitely a wonderful resource list that is well worth saving and referring to – a great help for all of us in the Sandwich Generation. So thank you to SeniorHomes for including SandwichINK and THANK YOU TO YOU for voting for SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation. And be sure to stay heart-healthy and aware!   :) 

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