Happy Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party 2014

Merry Christmas to the Sandwich Generation and others visiting for the Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party - with this cute country clipartWelcome to SandwichINK.com – where we talk about multigenerational caregiving, grandkid fun, and encouragement for those caring for their elderly parents.

MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Do enjoy some hot cocoa and a tasty bite of gingerbread cookie – this was a delightful gift to me from the very sweet Denise Brown of Caregiving.com – the hostess of this delightful annual blog party for caregivers.



Then click here to be wisked off to the REST of the blog party fun, including a drawing for an Amazon gift certificate. Thank you for stopping by and again, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas cute country clipart for the Sandwich Generation




  1. Hi Kaye,

    I am so glad to find you from our Caregiving Blog Party! I will make sure to come back and visit again! I care for my 94yr old Grandmother living in her home. One of the best tips I have read and used is to Breathe,,, Remember to Breathe through the hard times filled with stress, real or imagined 🙂

  2. Oh Elly, what great advice. I have to tell myself that sometimes too, when things get a bit stressful. Very wise! Have a great New Year! 🙂

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