Granny Nanny’s Easy To Use Digital Camera + Picnik Special Effects + Walmart $1 Costumes = Fun Times With Grandkids

by Kaye Swain

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Don't you love clearance sales? They are such a blessing! Especially for those of us in the Sandwich Generation juggling the issues of caring for elderly parents and grandkids. This often means extra duties, extra needs, and extra expenses! So when great sales come along – I jump on them! And, of course, when they are extra good, it can often mean a fun opportunity for cute photos via my easy to use digital camera! :) 

Thus, I was so thrilled when I was out shopping at Walmart with my senior mom and we heard an announcement that the Halloween costumes in all the shopping carts at the front of the store had been marked down to ONE DOLLAR EACH! 

Walmart is definitely a good friend to the Sandwich Generation juggling the issues of caring for elderly parents helping with grandkids and balancing the budget

My senior mom and I joined several other busy shoppers going through the piles, helping each other as well as helping other shoppers find the right size, disguise, and fun outfits for various children and grandchildren. We ended up with one set of costumes for each grandchild for next year AND one set of costumes for each for dress-up fun throughout the year – all at a very affordable price. I love it when God enables us to be a blessing to others AND blesses us in the process, don't you?

Fun costume activities for grandparents and their grandchildren are just as great after Halloween and a lot cheaper

They had so much fun trying them on, staging mock battles between aliens and dragons, and then enjoyed taking them home for their dress up box.

Fun effects with Picnik add to the fun family memories of costume activities for Sandwich Generation grandparents and their grandchildren

Granny Nanny, on the other hand, had a delightful time snapping fun photos of them with my easy to use Canon Powershot digital camera to savor and share sweet family memories. I also enjoyed trying out more of Picnik's special effects, like the infrared in the photo above,  the heat map in the photo below,

Combine my easy to use Canon Powershot digital camera - cute grandkids - and heat map effects from Picnik and you have a Sweet Shot for Tuesday

and the digital in this photo. Woo-wee, my grandkids are going to LOVE me! :) Between my digital camera and Picnik – both so easy to use – I definitely got some Sweet Shots for this Tuesday! :) 

With my easy to use Canon Powershot Digital Camera and the Salonpas giveaway of pain relief patches and a wireless digital photo frame this neon effect will look very cool

The last time I had this much fun is when my granddaughter spotted Valentines on clearance that were all craft and activity ones. We are still enjoying those. So keep your eyes open because this is the season for clearance sales – after Thanksgiving, after Christmas, after New Years, and then it's back to Valentine's Day. And all great opportunities for finding fun activities for Sandwich Generation grandparents and their grandchildren at prices that really help our budget!

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