Grandma and Grandkid Summer Fun at the Roller Skating Rink: From Kids Roller Skates to Boys Heelys and Beyond

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Love this picture of a girls first time on roller rink skates

I know there are exceptions out there, because I have Facebook friends who share their much cooler temperatures with us. But overall, where this Sandwich Generation granny nanny is, along with the homes of my kids, grandkids, and other sweet family members, it's HOT! What's a busy grandma to do? Why, head to the roller skating rink, of course. 

I love these pretty in pink childrens roller skates - my granddaughers would love them tooIt's cool, it's fun, and it's good exercise. Last year, we went to a smaller skating rink that offered other activities as well. I loved it because it had free wi-fi. This year, I took a granddaughter and her friend and they wanted to go to one of the traditional roller skating rinks, complete with games like the Hokey Pokey song and dance and the Cha Cha Cha. No wi-fi but tasty nachos and diet Pepsi, plenty of seating, and we all enjoyed the fun strobe lights.

Cute picture of a roller skating rink with childrens roller skates for the hokey pokey song mp3 downloadMy granddaughter and her friend had a great time, I enjoyed watching them, and I even got some typing in. It was a cool treat for all of us including this Sandwich Generation granny nanny, that's for sure!  I even enjoyed a fun chat with the skate guard who turned out to be the same age as me! And let me tell you, based on her great example I would say that frequent roller skating can definitely be fun and physical senior citizen activities, if you're experienced at it and have good balance, not to mention a great way how people over 50 can raise their metabolism. I opted out due to last year's 5th metatarsal fracture, along with my broken ankle a few years back. But, I have to confess, I do miss it. And maybe next year…

these heelys for girls have a better view of the wheelAfter all, with my grandkids getting older, roller skating is going to be the hot sport for all of them in the next few years. School parties are often held at roller skating rinks. Plus one of my grandkids has his eyes on those fun heelys for boys (and girls 🙂 ). I can see the handwriting on the wall! Hmmm, perhaps if I add ankle wraps, shin guards, knee braces, and a helmet? Something to think about, anyway. How about you? Have you ever roller skated? Do you roller skate with your grandkids now? We'd love to hear. 

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