Grandkids to Caterpillars! Caregivers Care For A Delightful Variety of Issues

by Kaye Swain

My grandkids and I were having a lovely time on the porch last week. They were enjoying their treasures from the Dollar Store – animal-shaped sponge critters that you put into water and watch expand. They thought those were just the coolest things on a very warm almost-end-of-summer day. 

My grandkids loved watching their tiny sponges and watching them grow BIG

My grandchildren had so much fun growing their sponge critters

While they were playing, I headed for the car – when I was stopped by the cutest sight on the ground. A cute little caterpillar!

My grandkids and I LOVED this cute caterpillar

I've never seen one move so fast! The grandkids came to ooh and ahhh, then headed back to their water projects. I used a big leaf, helped Mr. Caterpillar onto it, and moved him across the street to a safer spot, as he headed for some tall trees and cool water. Last week, I got to do the same for a delightful turtle. And won't my senior mom love to see these cute photos on her new iPad!

Life is definitely never boring for all of us caregivers, is it? Anything intriguing happen to you and your Sandwich Generation family lately? We'd love to hear about it.  ANNND, for more fun grandparenting articles, be sure to visit Lisa at Grandma's Briefs! And…


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