Grandboys, Bugs, and Blessings for Sandwich Generation Grandparents

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Birds butterflies and senior boomer gardening fun with sunflower houses are such blessings to my grandkids and my senior mom

Boys, bugs, and butterflies. They all go hand in hand, as well as all starting with the letter B! My grandsons have had such fun with decorative butterfly and fun but icky bug collections.

I must admit, as much as I believe in encouraging educational grandkid activities, I am definitely squeamish! Thus, you rarely catch me touching any of them, but I do try hard to admire from a distance. 

Colorful bugs and butterflies are favorite senior and grandkids gardening by-products in our Sandwich Generation familyOne thing I am good about, though, is finding interesting books about their little "friends" to help my grandkids learn more about these fascinating critters. The Big Book of Bugs from DK Publishing is one of their fascinating books for children and looks to be as interesting for my senior mom and me as for the grandkids. Fun bug learning times together with grandchildren are definitely coming, which leads to two more B words – big blessings for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny. 🙂  

Another blessing for me, as you know well, is a great blog party. And when I can find an interesting blog party that's both fun AND for a good cause – especially one that helps a fellow grandparents with a grandchild with special needs – I'm definitely IN and sharing it all with you.

So, allow me to introduce you to another sweet, seven year old boy, Carol Grady's brave and giving grandboy, Charlie Grady, who is dealing ever so gracefully with brain tumors from a disease called Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Charlie has to go through regular and grueling chemo treatments which, of course, are hard on him AND his whole family. (BUT be sure to check out the video for a major update on that as well. 🙂 )

Thanks to his dear grandmother and the giving hearts and joy-filled work of Kelee Katillac and her team, in conjunction with Guideposts, who has an article about this whole project in their current magazine, and Design Gives Back and so many others, the whole family was blessed this year with a "Miracle Makeover" of their home. Their rooms have burst forth with lovely colors and fun designs, just like these lovely butterflies burst forth from their cocoons. 🙂 Check out this video to see all the fabulous details of the project, as well as more about this inspirational family!

Several fellow bloggers, including Beverly with a fun and festive Pink Saturday of blessingsare doing special posts all weekend with more info, great articles, and there are even some fun giveaways. And, for each comment we leave at their sites, Design Gives Back donates money towards NEXT YEAR's wonderful MakeOver. So do have fun visiting, be wonderfully blessed, and enjoy being a blessing as well. 

Be sure to leave a comment at each site as well one when you are visiting Design Gives Back to find even more easy ways to help.. Isn't it wonderful to be used by God to bless others like this family and have fun in the process? What a sweet way for all of us in the Sandwich Generation to make an important difference, right from our very own homes.


Fun senior gardening activities with grandkids can include sunflower houses and bird bugs and butterflies

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