Gifts for Grandparents and The Other Elderly Relatives in Your Family With Low Vision Needs

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I had to laugh today. After writing about extra large print and braille playing cards a couple of weeks ago, you should have seen me today, busily playing Go Fish with the teeny tiny miniature playing cards one of my grandchildren won. It made me doubly appreciate the extra large print ones as I squinted away. I'd love to blame my mega loss on those small playing cards but it was actually excellent playing on my grandson's part! πŸ™‚

These cute mini playing cards are a bit hard to see for boomers and seniors with aging eye changes - an extra large print playing card would be more practical - I love those bigger cards

Speaking of low vision aids, I noticed an interesting press release this week with a new product that seems perfect for this particular series – especially for those of us caring for elderly parents with poor vision (not to mention all of us baby boomers with aging eye changes).

If you do not have a jumbo universal remote with a built in light this microlite could be useful gifts for those of us caring for the elderly parents in the family

It's new and I can't guarantee how it works but it does look good and I thought I'd pass on the information, just in case it might prove useful to you. It's called a Pop-up MicroLite. It's a micro-sized L.E.D. light that sticks up on the end of your remote control to illuminate both the buttons and text in dark or dim lighting. You can find out more about it at their website. It definitely looks useful. If any of you give it a try,  do let us know how you like it!

While I was researching this intriguing light, I also discovered these cool, jumbo big button universal remote controls

I bought a similar one for a sweet senior with macular degeneration some time back and she loves hers. I must say, though, these are even nicer than what I got her. I especially like that these jumbo remote controls have lights to make everything show up even better. I may have to add one of these to this year's shopping list as great low vision gifts for the elderly relatives in my family! We just need to make sure they will work with the relative's system and that our sweet seniors are able to adjust to a different remote. My relative did great with hers! How about you? 

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  • I actually have a Microlite! Luvs it! I got it after I couldn’t figure out how to program the darn universal remote. Lighting up the remote I have was the easiest solution, and I didn’t have to spend a whole day figuring out how to program a new remote (I’m kinda tech challenged, or so my g-kids say). All you do is stick on the microlite, and the whole remote lights up really really bright. I also bought another one to use in my bedside drawer where I keep my evening meds. Glad to see you recommending it, I highly suggest it if you can’t read well in the dark like me, lol.

  • Hi Joan, VERY COOL! Thank you for letting us know this. πŸ™‚ And I’m so glad it was such a help to you. It does look handy!!! πŸ™‚