Father’s Day Homemade Greetings Cards for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

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Fathers Day Fun for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandkidsFather's Day is coming up quickly! Faster than I dare think, the way my weeks are going. But with grandkids looking for some interesting projects it's quite handy timing for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny.

I found some cute country clipart at my fave artist's site and turned some fun pictures into coloring pages for the grandkids to work on. What do you think?


Cute Fathers Day country clipart for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandchildren



Cute country fish clipart for the Sandwich Generation grandparents crafts activities for handmade greetings cards


Aren't those cute! But guess what my grandkids liked better? MONSTERS! Albeit cute monsters! 🙂

Happy Fathers Day to AND from the Sandwich Generation as we are raising kids or babysitting grandchildren

Happy Fathers Day fun and cute country clipart for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and their grandkids


While some Sandwich Generation issues can seem like monsters - these fun ones are for the grandkids to make handmade greeting cards with


My grandkids thought the idea of cool monsters for their dad would be great for a Fathers Day card - how bout you


So if you and your kids or grandkids would like to make some cute Father's Day cards or bookmarks or just fun pictures to hang, how about joining my grandkids and me with these cute teddies, fish and monster clip art coloring pages. And an early Happy Father's Day to all of us in the Sandwich Generation.

P.S. These would also make fun pictures for easy stationary crafts for all of us boomers and seniors, not to mention our elderly parents, who like to send cute pictures and collages to long distance grandkids. When I print these out for my nearby grandkids, I'll have to print out a sheet for my senior mom who will love adding these to her latest letter to all of her great-grandkids who don't live nearby.

A red and pink monster for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids works for Pink Saturday and Rednesday as well

P.P.S. This Sandwich Generation granny nanny had a grandson "chomping at the bit" to head outside for games, so it took awhile, but now I'm back with TWO more cute monsters adding a touch of pink for Pink Saturday and a touch of red for Rednesday!. And wouldn't they be cute as stickers on stationery to mail or a handmade greetings card for our grandkids dads or grandpas! 🙂 Enjoy!

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