Fall Is Chasing Summer And Our Autumn Scarecrow Is Here To Prove It!

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Fall fun with this cute autumn scarecrow clipart to put a smile on the face of the Sandwich GenerationOutside the weather keeps be-bopping around as we enjoy summer HOT alternating with autumn-like cool. Inside, our hearts seem to be settling early on autumn fun. Oh, we are still outside playing badminton and dodgeball when it's hot. But the checkers and chess board is back on the table and the grandkids and I been enjoying some fun games together. Great for the brain and for a fun break. Although, what a difference a year makes! Last year, I could beat the grandboys almost as often as they beat me. This year – I've played seven checkers games with two grandsons and I've…won…NONE! Yikes! Thank goodness I still stand a chance when we play chess together! At least….so far!!!! 

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny lost this and five other checkers games to her grandchildren in the last week

Can you tell my grandchild's got two of my pieces boxed in and the third is about to be! I only had one move and after that I didn't last much longer!!!!

One grandchild found our beloved and enormous scarecrow and they've all been having fun playing with him. Even their great-grandma loves that feller. Would you believe he's been in our family for over 15 years! And he still puts a smile on all our faces AND manages to keep holding up in spite of all the grandkid "wrestling bouts" with him!

Scarecrow is as popular with the elderly parents as the grandkids in our Sandwch Generation family

How about you and your Sandwich Generation family? Are you still in the throes of summer or joining in with me to convince ourselves that autumn is going to be extra long this year – starting now? We'd love to hear. And whenever you DO feel in the fun fall mood, here's a cute autumn scarecrow coloring page to share with your grandkids, or for that matter, your sweet senior parents. They are fun for easy crafts for kids AND seniors, aren't they?  🙂