Faith Hope and Love for the Sandwich Generation And Their Families

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 and 13 are power packed and full of God's love for us, and our Sandwich Generation families, along with details of how He wants us to love others, in and through Him.

It's been so much fun illustrating each section for our Bible Memory Verses activities for grandparents and their grandchildren. Today is the final piece and picking the right picture was a bit tougher than the rest. After talking it over with a friend, we picked this group of adorable puppies. They serve to remind us that faith, hope and love are ALL important and wonderful. But God tells us the GREATEST is love. And we walk in faith and trust Him and His Word.

These three remain: faith, hope and love.

But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13 4-8 and 13 Love is patient and kind - Love never fails - of faith hope and love - the greatest of these is love

I love the way The Message Bible puts it:

Trust steadily in God,

hope unswervingly,

love extravagantly.

And the best of the three is love. 


God surely did and does love us extravagantly, doesn't He! What an awesome gift! 


For more uplifting Bible verses and photos to encourage the hearts of all of us in the Baby Boomer Generation, caring for elderly parents and helping with our grandchildren, you'll find a delightful Word-Filled Wednesday at Internet Cafe Devotions.


  1. I am with you…the Message translation just moves me!
    Trust steadily in God,

    hope unswervingly,

    love extravagantly.

    And the best of the three is love.

    So beautiful!
    It’s ALL about LOVE!

    peace Kaye,

  2. Amazing how those yummy puppies inspire thoughts of love.

  3. Oh Kaye, I loved this!!! I’m going to save that translation for sure.

    Those puppies are BEAUTIFUL!!

    Blessings to you this WFW♥

  4. Awe… a brief respite while trusting steadily. Perfect.
    I posted for Rena today if you get a chance to visit and stand with us in prayer for our sister Jamie and family.
    Thank you,

  5. those are the most adorable puppies!!!

    the greatest of these IS love- may we love as He loves for His love is AMAZING!!!

    blessings to you!!

  6. A great verse and beautiful picture. They really have to love the one who cares for them.

  7. That is just precious, Kaye. Blessings ~

  8. Hi Kim, Thanks for popping in – have a great Word-filled week. 🙂

  9. Hi Lori, Amen! Thanks, again, for your lovely Word-Filled Wednesday – led to an extra special time of praise for me later in the day! 🙂

  10. Hi Ozjane, Hope and pray you are feeling better this week. 🙂

  11. Hi Susan, Thank you – Have a blessed Word-filled week as well 🙂

  12. Hi Ginger – heading over there shortly and already praying! Have a blessed week!

  13. Hi Jenifer, aren’t they cuties! 🙂 And AMEN – His love is AWESOME! Have a blessed week!

  14. awwww Kaye, you don’t know how much I love dogs, especially puppies, and especially labradors. I think the puppies in this picture are Golden Retrievers, which are closely related to the Labradors. We have a labrador, and we adore him.

    I loved your WFW, thank you. Yes, LOVE extravagantly! What a great message! Bless you and have a wonderful week with the Lord, and of course, your precious grandchildren.

  15. Hi Amanda, I think you’re right. And they are such sweet dogs. Our neighbor had one that was so nice! Thank you so much and praying you have a lovely Word-Filled week as well 🙂

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