More Educational Fun With Grandkids and Great-Grandma and Mini-Eruptions

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Food coloring add to my grandchildren fun

Such educational fun going around our Sandwich Generation family. Last week's volcano fun led to more research, including a visit to Magical Childhood, which led to this fun project. My senior mom enjoyed watching us at work as my grandson and I poured a box of baking soda into a long roasting pan. We took white vinegar, added various shades of food color to the vinegar, then used medicine droppers to dribble the vinegar in various designs in the baking soda. What fun to see the fizzing and fuzzing as the vinegar landed in the baking soda.

My senior mom enjoyed watching my grandson work on this fun science experiment - one of the sweet joys of the Sandwich Generation

Then my grandson put straws in the baking soda, added a bit of extra baking soda inside the straws, then dribbled more vinegar into the straws. This made for more fun fizzing up. 

Not a birthday cake for the grandkids - this is baking soda and vinegar and educational fun for grandparents and grandchildren

It was a fun way to see a chemical process at work and a fun addition to our studies of volcanoes, rocks, and the world under our feet. It was also a great way to spend the afternoon with my senior mom and grandson. That's definitely one of the sweet joys of the Sandwich Generation, don't you think? 🙂 

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