Easy Solution to A Silly Problem for The Sandwich Generation

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Our Sandwich Generation family loves the Carex Explorer Folding Lightweight Travel Walker for elderly seniorsThe Carex lightweight walker for seniors is a very handy dandy tool for our senior parents and relatives. But we had lost the directions for it and this Sandwich Generation granny nanny must confess that I was definitely challenged trying to figure out how to close it.

I was saved by our physical therapist who knew instantly how to fix that problem and thought I’d share the info with you, just in case you are having the same problem.See the cute pink arrow pointing to the little black thing on the mid-way part of the top bar of the Carex walker? You just push down on that, it presses the hidden button and it all closes nice and neat.

Love pink things AND the Carex lightweight walker for seniors - just follow the pink arrow to push down on the black hidden button and it will collapse nicely

Such a simple solution to such a silly little question – and yet it plagued me for a couple of weeks. And with all the other Sandwich Generation issues of life, who needs that. Right?  🙂