Disposable and Washable Bedpads Are Both Excellent Resources for the Sandwich Generation!

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The Christmas light bulb lit up in the Sandwich Generation granny nanny brain - leading me to share this elder caregiving tip with youBack in November, I had an interesting Facebook conversation with fellow caregiver, Diane Yuhas. She had written, "What worries you? I worry that my mom is going to pee on my bed because all her incontinence pads are in the wash." I replied, "I've known that feeling with grandkids – the joys of the Sandwich Generation – so much of it is at both ends, isn't it. Praying the wash gets done fast." I then added some important info that I had learned about when my senior dad was in the end stage of Parkinsons Disease and in the hospice program. A couple of days later, a Christmas light bulb went off in my brain and I realized that, even though Diane had already known what I shared, I hadn't until that difficult time in our lives. And perhaps you don't either. So just in case, and with Diane's permission, I decided to share all this with you. πŸ™‚

Did you know there are washable AND disposable bed liners to protect the bed from accidents – whether they be from caring for elderly parents, a young grandchild wetting the bed, or anyone dealing with a disease that includes incontinence. For that matter, they are also quite handy for days when you are dealing with a tummy bug patient. They're even great for the family pet, including a granddog or two. In other words, perfect for the Sandwich Generation. Here's just some of the many options:


Blue Disposable Underpads Champion Chux 17 x 24 are an excellent resource for the Sandwich GenerationChux comes in several Sizes from Small Size 17 x 24 to  Large Size 23 x 36These are fully disposable and work great on the bed, They are even great for potty-training a granddog. (I saw a couple of people commenting they work better than specific dog pads!)


Help for the multigenerational Sandwich Generation - Invacare Extra Reusable BedpadsReusable Bedpads by Invacare – These can go on the sheet for easy removal. Or you could put it under the sheet, making the bedding a bit more comfy – especially important for aging parents with delicate skin.


Great resources for the Multigenerational Caregivers in the Sandwich Generation - Priva Ultra Plus Waterproof Sheet Protector, 34x52, WhitePriva Ultra Plus Waterproof Sheet Protector – Another sheet protector that can go on the bedding or under the sheet. 



These 30 x 30 Pink Prevail absorbent pads got great reviews for absorbency - perfect for the Sandwich GenerationPrevail Super Absorbent Pads – Another brand of disposable bed pads that got excellent reviews at Amazon. And rather pretty in pink. 


I keep several of the washable pads on hand as you never know when an emergency (or tummy bug) will strike. They are practical and wonderful. And back when my dad was so ill with advanced Parkinsons Disease and we found out that we could buy the Chux at the local drug store, as well as at Amazon, I kept a couple of packages of those on hand as well for quick and easy use if my washable pads were all dirty. They are wonderful. I even read an interesting comment in the reviews that one person uses them to "wrap my antique and auction purchases….so buying in bulk saves. They last a long time…" How handy is that! 

And as I said, Amazon also carries all of these styles and more. For those of us caring for the elderly parents who live a long distance away, that's the kind of news that is very handy to keep in mind. Since I have the Amazon Prime Discount Membership, I can generally get something like this to a sweet senior within a day or two. Again, very useful for emergencies for my Sandwich Generation family. How about yours? 

P.S. Happy Pink Saturday full of pink AND holiday things this month.

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