Grandchildren are such sweet joys, aren’t they! Whether they are teeny tiny babies, like two of my delightful younger ones. Or whether they are almost out of their teens and working hard in college. And everywhere in between. Over the years, I’ve had tons of baby and kid equipment that I’ve bought to keep at my house. I’ve learned, whether I babysit a lot or just occasionally, that it can really come in handy to have some extra clothes for an unexpected spill, or a Pack N Play port-crib for nap times. Even when I don’t necessarily need something, it’s still fun to walk through Babies R Us with a friend, as I enjoyed recently. It’s AMAZING what they have for moms and dads nowadays! Things I WISH we’d had when my own kids were little! Then again, there were some decided advantages back in the day, before they discovered that certain things could be dangerous, at least in rare occasions. Nowadays, you can work up some good muscles heaving and toting baby car seats and infant carriers, can’t you? I had to smile big at the infant carriers I noticed. One was called a MaiTai. THAT was the name of my carrier when my kids were little! Back then, it was a hand-sewn item that was basically a square piece of material with ties and you tied the baby on your front. Seeing the one in the store did bring back fun memories. Upon closer inspection, I realized even IT had undergone some upgrades and I have to say, I definitely approve. It looks like it would be much more comfy! My kids have had some very nice and very expensive baby carriers over the years. They were ergonomic and better for the backs and healthier for the kids and all the important stuff you need. There was just one problem. My KIDS were experts at getting them on. I tried a few times and had to give up. I just could never get it figured out. I loved this particular Mei Tai carrier – I COULD figure it out! Always nice to have some low-tech tools in the midst of all our high-tech ones! So if any of you grandparents have a delightful grandbaby who needs a bit of extra cuddling and carrying, you might want to take a walk through a baby store like Babies R Us or along the baby aisles at Walmart. You’ll have fun remembering how it USED to be and I bet you’ll be pleased with many of the updated changes as well. Kaye P.S. Have you seen these adorable balls – they are labeled for infants and up. They’re very lightweight and skinny soRead More →

The radio announcers may be calling this the “Dog Days of Summer” but here in the Roseville Sacramento area we are actually enjoying better temperatures and delightful “Delta Breezes” making morning walks delightful and even late afternoon walks relatively nice. As a busy baby boomer in the Sandwich Generation, I really appreciate that. Turns out my goal of 2 miles a day for walking is paying off in a variety of ways. After years of D+ cholesterol tests, I am now straight As on all my scores. HOORAY. And that was BEFORE I started in on my healthy eating program! DOUBLE hooray. It’s now 3 months of my own little diet of eating healthy, no sodas, and no chocolate and I’m happy to say I’ve lost 30 pounds and am quite excited to be dropping into the 130s any second. 🙂 My senior mom has not been feeling up to walking too much. Either it’s too hot for her to walk or her traveling arthritis is giving her grief by attacking a knee here, an ankle there, etc. But she does do her best to walk around inside the house when she can. And she LOVES to vacuum. (I kid you not!) So `that, along with her regular chores and her fun bird-watching activities keep her happy and somewhat active. She has sadly given up her bird feeding but is quite excited about the bird baths we have ordered for her. (See above. 😉 ). Speaking of my senior mom – we came up with a handy tip for helping our beloved elderly with memory issues. If you have to be gone but want to be sure they do eat, stock up on easy cook TV dinners. And, when possible, go for those that only need one step cooking. In other words, instead of “cook for 3 minutes, lift plastic and stir, then cook another 1.5 minutes” look for ones like “cook for 5 minutes,” then serve. Amie’s (a fave of both my mom and myself) has a macaroni dish with vegetables that has that type of direction. Much easier for my senior mom to prepare than her fave Chile’s Macaroni with Bacon. She can still enjoy that easily when I’m around. But she loved the Amie’s dish as well and that will be so much easier for her when I’m out and about. Anyone else have grandkids starting school – be it Kindergarten, junior high/middle school, high school, and/or college? ME TOO! So many cute photos of grandkids, not to mention friends all across the country! I’m doing a ton of praying for all. Several of mine are starting new schools so extra prayers needed that’s for sure! It’s suchRead More →

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