Caring for the Caregiver in the Midst of Seasonal Changes

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The leaves may be gone but these lovely red cherries put sparkle in the Sandwich Generation granny nannys eyesHave you ever noticed the way the Sandwich Generation issues of life can buzz along at a low simmer for months, even years, at a time, then kick into high gear for days, weeks, months, and yes – even years! Right now, I am definitely in high gear as far as juggling various needs and issues. While taking a delightful and peaceful walk last week, I was reminded how vital it is for all of us caregivers to make sure we are getting "recharge" time whenever possible – even if it is a few minutes here and a few minutes there. I had a delightful time listening to an excellent sermon while allowing my eyes to roam the vista on my gorgeous walk – full of the deep pinks, reds and golds of ending autumn, along with the equally gorgeous but definitely different beauty of the impending winter.

Caring for the Sandwich Generation caregiver - take time to smell the roses or enjoy approaching winter stillness

So, what do you do to take care of yourself when the Sandwich Generation issues of life heat up and aloneness time is a rare and delightful commodity?