Big Baby Boomer News – Granny Nanny Saved by AAA Roadside Assistance Clubs’ Plans!

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With a few exceptions (like Florida, Australia, and Hawaii), the weather is much colder now than it was back in August. For some of us, it is MUCH colder. My local Sandwich Generation family is experiencing snow flurries and weather in the teens. Elsewhere, my extended family has either below zero temps or it's in the 40s but tons of rain. None of these weather conditions are what you want to be stuck in with a dead battery! And yet, that's what happened to me a couple of weeks ago! 


I was on grandkid duty for church youth group. I had to pick her up after some errands and got to church early so I parked and worked in the car for about half an hour. The sun disappeared, kids started wandering out, and the parking lot had some spots open up closer to the door so I moved to one right in front. Five minutes later, out came my grand-darling. She popped into my car with a big smile, I started the car, and heard NOTHING. After trying again, it was time to call my Knights in Shining Armour at AAA ( I LOVE their great roadside assistance clubs plans!) along with her mom. We weren't sure how long I'd have to wait and she still had homework. Turns out I needn't have worried.

Winter time is a time for fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren NOT car woes - meaning I really appreciate AAA and their great roadside assistance clubs plans

Fifteen minutes later, the wonderful truck with their roadside assistance plans' logo showed up – three minutes before her mom. She headed off to hit the books, the wonderful AAA repairman hooked my car up to a charger, and within ten minutes I was on my way. He said it didn't look bad, but with bad weather on the way I didn't want to take chances. I had it checked out at my dealership when I got an oil change, and sure enough, it needed to be replaced. I had them give the car a good once over, changed the windshield wipers and a couple of other things (Yup, this was also mixed in with the whole tires issue – so check those too!). When the first snow started to come down, I was so glad! It was bad enough being stuck in cool weather with one grandchild. Can you imagine if it had happened now, with 12 degrees and a senior mom who freezes when it's 60 degrees! Or, perhaps, with four busy little grandkids and not enough to keep them fed and happy in case AAA was bogged down! 


Tis the season for fun and frivolity (including the Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party we are enjoying this week!). Tis also the season to make sure the cars we drive are in tip-top and safe condition, along with the cars of any of our senior citizen parents – and for that matter, the teens and grand-teens in the family! And if you don't already have one of the great roadside assistance programs or plans for yourself and each of your multi-generation family members still driving, it might be wise to think about adding one. Caregiving needs can keep us so busy that if one has a breakdown, it can be very hard to get out and help right away. But my Knights in Shining Armour at AAA have been a blessing to me relatively quickly several times over the past 40 years!!!! 

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