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Bible Memory Verses for Our Children and Grandkids Can Often Be Used as Scripture Prayers

I don't know about you, but most of the time, I'm on the run non-stop and my daily Bible study is in the car listening to sermon podcasts. I'm not complaining, mind you. They've been a tremendous blessing to me and I am encouraged to see spiritual growth in my life as a result of them. Still and all, when the Sandwich Generation issues of my life allow for a long sit-down time with my huge, and slightly falling apart, Bible – full of all my underlinings and notes – it is so precious to me. When I get that opportunity, it's a special treasure from God. Last week, I was blessed by those moments three times and each time, God spoke to me through His precious Word in wonderful ways. One of the passages of encouraging Bible verses that was especially uplifting to me was from 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17. I read it, I prayed it, and I wrote it out. Then I decided it was perfect to share with you today so you can also be blessed!


Encouraging Scripture Prayer for the Sandwich Generation - 2 Thess 2 16-17

Isn't that wonderful for Scripture praying for ourselves as we deal with the various Sandwich Generation realities and issues of multigenerational caregiving? Not to mention using these as Bible memory verses for our children and grandkids! It is such a vital lesson for all our lives – caregivers or not.

I pray your heart will be enriched in precious moments alone with Him and His Word. And that your week full of the Sandwich Generation issues of life will also be full of His blessings and encouragement here, as well as at Internet Cafe Devotions and Teaching What is Good.

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8 comments on “Bible Memory Verses for Our Children and Grandkids Can Often Be Used as Scripture Prayers

Love the verse, Kaye, and the graphic. How powerful to pray God’s word for our daily life and strength. I will have to write this on a 3×5 card!

Wonderful prayer and image. I too crave and seek those quiet times of resting in his Word. Thanks for this powerful image today

I live in that season of moving from place to place…perpetual motion. I LOVE it too but you’re right, when He gives us the place and time when we can just be with Him and pour into the Word…it IS a precious gift…
What a wonderful reminder to thank Him for those moments!

You bless so much lady!!


Ms. Kathleen

It is a perfect word for today… Comfort and Strengthen out heart…. So love that. <3 Have a wonderful day!

Great verse, Kaye!! Scripture memory is very dear to my heart too.

That is beautiful, Dear. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings ~

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