Autumn Bliss With My Senior Mom’s Gardening Activities and a Delightful Grandkid Visit

AUTUMN BLISS! A fun time of fall flowers, games in sweatshirts and hilarious grandkid activities for my senior mom and myself last week and I thought you'd enjoy seeing some of it.

My senior moms strawflowers made her gardening acivities even more fun this fall - autumn bliss

Our no-longer-a-mystery strawflower is doing great and gets more intriguing as the month goes on.

My Senior moms autumn mums look great too - fall fun indeed

My senior mom's autumn mums continue to bloom brightly!

A giant blue turtle - Nope - grandkids hiding in the summr swimming pool

Is this a rare blue four-footed turtle? Nope! Just a couple of grandkids having some warm and dry fun with the summer wading pool. 🙂

Handy having a Sandich Generation granny nanny with spare DS chargers

Even warmer, a grandchild playing his red (perfect for RednesdayDS next to his senior grandma and her iPad. High tech and high fun for our whole Sandwich Generation family as we continue to enjoy Autumn Bliss in our neck of the woods. How about you and your area? Hot, cold, just right? 🙂 


  1. You mom is a fortunate person to have you all around! Happy Rednesday from your Rednesday neighbor this week!

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