Advent Music for Our Sandwich Generation Families – Handel’s Messiah – Unto Us A Child Is Born

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Sweet words of encouragement for the Sandwich Generation caregivers everywhereHow's your peace doing this Advent season? I must confess, mine has definitely been up and down! When cold symptoms rear their ugly head or a senior mom needs her blood pressure checked because she is not feeling well; when traffic and confusing freeway directions lead to getting temporarily lost and delayed arrivals; when tempers flare in tired kids (or grown-ups)… and the list goes on…and on…and on…  I'm guessing it's probably safe to guess many of you have your own list of peace-killers? What to do?

Go to our only real source of peace – GOD – of course. That's when sweet and quiet music like the gorgeous classical music of Handel's Messiah can be such a lovely encouragement. I've found myself playing it several times during this increasingly busy, hectic, and sometimes peaceless-seeming season. The music is so restful and the choral pieces with words are straight out of the Word of God – soaking my mind and heart in His promises – both prophesied and fulfilled.

One of my favorite songs in this lovely piece is from Isaiah – For Unto Us A Child Is Born. This rendition of it is from the Messiah Project Choir at Ringkirche, Wiesbaden, Germany. I pray it will be a sweet blessing to you as well as we make our way through all our caring tasks through this Advent season. Not to mention something interesting and educational to share with our grandkids during this holiday time and beyond!

P.S. If you'd like to listen to the whole of Handel's Messiah, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes, buy an album quite inexpensively from Amazon (you might doublecheck it has all the songs. After I downloaded mine, I discovered it was missing a handful. Still very enjoyable, but I am planning on getting a full version by next year. 🙂 ), or enjoy it at YouTube. I haven't listened all the way through this particular video (so if something crops up that shouldn't, do let me know). I have the music on my iPod and that's where I've been listening to it as I go from my house to my grandkids. But I did enjoy a couple of the songs in this video that my album did not include such as, "If God be for against us, who can be against us." Definitely powerful and comforting words for all of us in the Sandwich Generation! 

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