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Adam & Eve’s Snake vs. Webkinz Tiger Snake – Reputation Talk for Bible Memory Verses Project for Grand-Children

I chose this photo for today's verse, because my grandsons love snakes AND because snakes are so well-known as the animal the devil used to get to Adam and Eve. That is such a perfect example of "delighting in evil." It gives us a good opportunity, then, for a serious talk as part of our Bible memory verses activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

Love from 1 Corinthians 13 4-8 and 13 - Love does NOT delight in evil is illustrated by this snake and our Webkinz tiger snake

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

1 Corinthians 13: 6

God created snakes, just the same as He created all the other animals – from the cute penguin to a big green FROG to the King of the Beasts to the irritating mosquito. They each have their own reputation, be it good, bad, or indifferent. It's important to teach our grandkids how important "building a good reputation" is, and this is an especially good animal to help with that. This can work especially well in conjunction with yesterday's photo of their Webkinz tiger snake. Two different snakes – two different reputations. Our "behavior" really does make a vital difference! That gives us a double layer of meaning for the Bible memory verses for our grand children for this week.

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26 comments on “Adam & Eve’s Snake vs. Webkinz Tiger Snake – Reputation Talk for Bible Memory Verses Project for Grand-Children

Adam &Eve's Snake vs. Webkinz Tiger Snake – Reputation Talk for Bible Memory Verses Project for …

I so agree, and this is a great way to teach this important truth. Thank you for sharing this, Kaye!

Great verse and pic. Man I sooo don’t like snakes… ha!

This is wonderful! I teach a girls Bible Study in the fall and this would make a fantastic lesson on reputation…ohhhh you have spurred me on this week!

(I’ve told you before but those kiddos are so lucky to have a gram in you!) How cool!

Peace to you!

Love all the creative ways you introduce Bible verses to your grandchildren to help make the stick in their minds and hearts.

ewwwwwwwwww lol snakes always freak me out! lol
great post though! it sure gets the point across!

You are so creative with your lessons….but snakes are not my friends either…I run the other way….

You do share great lessons, but I can’t stand snakes.

Adam & Eve's Snake vs. Webkinz Tiger Snake – Reputation Talk for …

Hi Laurie, Thank you 🙂

You and me both, Ginger – although, there is one cute little snake I do like – check it out tomorrow. 🙂

Hi Lori, Thank you 🙂 How exciting to hear about your using this. Do let us know how it goes. 🙂

Hi Wanda, Thank you 🙂 The great part is, by writing about it, it helps me remember to do it even more AND it impresses it all into my heart as well. Truly, the gift that keeps on giving! 🙂

Hi Missie, Have a blessed Word-Filled week!

Hi Amydeanne, Thank you 🙂 Do check back tomorrow for a “kinder, gentler,” much cuter snake 🙂

I’m running with you, Karen hehehehehe 🙂

I am SOOO with you Cathy! Be sure to check back tomorrow for “the REST of the story!” 🙂


It has got to be God’s wisdom that led you to make such a correlation! I also need the reminder and the lesson to teach my kids. Thanks!

Oh, Kaye, thank you for stopping by. But I can’t stand snakes. And living here in the desert, I always look out for them! Thanks for the reminder that we are strangers in this land wherever the Lord puts us.
Good Bible teaching for your grandchildren!

Great verse and I just got the chills looking at the snake! So good to hear from you on my blog, Kaye!

Hi Julie, Thank you 🙂 Yes, the snake is a bit creepy – which is why I much prefer my grandkids Webkinz Tiger Snake – but it does stick in your mind for a lesson on reputation, doesn’t it? 🙂 Have a blessed Word-Filled week. 🙂

Hi Janis, 🙂 I don’t live in the desert and I STILL watch out for them. Give my my grandkids Webkinz tiger snake ANY day! Hmmm, maybe I should do mischievous monkeys next time? 🙂

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