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Caring for elderly parents is best with teamwork - as this shot from my easy to use digital camera reminds usHi, I’m Kaye Swain, mom, daughter, grandma, caregiver, and REALTOR® in Roseville, CA. I keep busy helping my clients and my family as many of us deal with the multigenerational issues of caring for elderly parents while raising children or babysitting grandchildren. I love sharing resources and info here at SandwichINK, as well as other sites around the “blog-o-sphere” such as  :) 

My senior mom loves her Jitterbug - considers them the best cell phones for senior citizens - she got a big smile when I told her I was going to use a photo of hers to help the grandkids with their Bible Memory verses for the children

Here I share stories, ideas, and resources that I’ve accumulated over the years while helping my elderly parents and babysitting my grandkids. There are fun ideas for educational and creative activities for kids and seniors. Everything from making Resurrection Easter Eggs from their old LEGOs to fun with phonics resources and activities to great Wii games for kids and us boomers and seniors. Not to mention outside activities like playing all kinds of tag, baseball, and more. With a ton of grandkids of all ages, from babies up to teens, I definitely enjoy finding and sharing fun and creative ideas and resources for all of us to use, including those of us involved in helping with homeschooling projects!

Love this sunflower and loved the Sunflower House activities for grandparents and their grandchildren - in all seasons of lifeThe Sandwich Generation season can be a joy-filled and rewarding season of life. It can also include seasons of grief and loss and I am blessed to be able to share encouraging and comforting Bible verses for all of us boomers and seniors, as well as uplifting Bible verses for our children and grandchildrensuch a wonderful way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy! And here is one of my first posts – with ideas for what to pack for hospital trips – another common occurrence for many in the Sandwich Generation! 

Due to life, blog, and social media changes, such as grandkids getting older, my real estate business which I love, and social media growing like crazy, I don’t post as often as I used to here, but you can also enjoy daily updates at my Twitter and Facebook sites, along with over 1500 posts from almost 10 years of blogging here that you can easily search through. You’ll definitely find a wealth of useful information, resources, and Christian encouragement for all the multigenerational issues impacting so many of baby boomers and seniors, here at SandwichINK and also at, giving you a terrific “Sandwich Break,” in your week. And yes, the majority of all posts at SandwichINK are written by moi, Kaye Swain – though you will also find occasional guest posts from excellent resources.

You can reach me by emailing me at, or contacting me in a myriad of social media hangouts including:


Kaye Swain REALTOR in Roseville CA specializing in real estate and news for boomers and seniors including multigenerational

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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.


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26 comments on “About

Thank you for “finding” me. I’m new at blogging, and hope to spend more time reading your stuff. Did you happen to see my post “letting go of your kids” ? I’m happy to find someone who understands what it means to be in the sandwich generation!
God bless,

Hi Jacquelyn, Thanks for popping over. I enjoyed reading your empty nest article – – 🙂


So happy to have met you on Twitter, we share so many things in common! I’m delighted to have featured you and SandwichINK to my readers as a Guest Post!

Thanks Cindi, I enjoyed it as well. 🙂 To my readers: I’ll be writing about Cindi and her site, and the article, on Tuesday. But if you’d like a sneak preview, check out 🙂

Hi Carol, Thank you so much! And congrats! I hear you are the host for the September 8, Boomers & Seniors: News You Can Use! Very Cool! I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

Carol Marak

Hi Kaye,

It’s Carol Marak at Carebuzz. I just wanted you to know that I’ve added your link to our blog.

Thank you, Carol


Kaye, thank you so much for stopping by Threads of Hope blog, and leaving the kind comment. I love when new readers come and sit for awhile.. I hope you felt comfortable reading the post..Please feel free to become a follower if you feel led to do that. I ” journal” there usually every day, sometimes more than once if the Lord gives me thoughts that seem to be what He needs me to post.. I love to write poetry, or ” songs ” of peotry which sometimes a poem comes to my heart musically – even though I am not any kind of musicician. They are music in my heart, though! But, I do have a friend in Washington state who is a musician, and he has put several to music already – that was a highlight for me – as my whole prayer when I began poetry writing, that God will use it to bless others lives, thru song, or written word.. Cool stuff for this Oregon mountain lady to think about!!
Again, thank you so much for stopping by. I dont see a ” follower” button on your site here, but will bookmark you, as I need lots of help both techy wise, and caregiving wise .. My mother and step father are very elderly, and its going to be sooner, than later, that I begin this new role of caregiver as well. Praying for you sister, in all that you do for others..

Hi Karen, and welcome! 🙂 I know the feeling about anticipating the caregiver role, as I have other relatives who I know may need help down the road. It’s always wise to anticipate and start planning before you need to, as you are doing. I do offer a free email newsletter that will keep you up to date on all SandwichINK’s posts, including ideas for planning ahead, preparing for necessities like power of attorney, and, of course, ideas to encourage as well. 🙂

Hi Kaye,

I am the publsher of “One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Science!” by Eric and Natalie Yoder. Google Alerts just informed my of your web page. I just wanted to let you know that we are delighted that you discovered — and enjoyed — the book! Thanks so much for mentioning it on your site.

Yu may want to know that the sequel — “One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Math!” will be out soon. The Yoders had so much fun with the first one that they decided to keep writing.

Thanks again for including us on your wonderful site!

– Dia

Hi Dia, Thanks so much for stopping by and you’re very welcome! I had heard about the Math version and am looking forward to checking it out when it comes out. 🙂

Lois of HisFireKids

You know what…i am really glad to “meet” you. I will also RSS feed you so I can keep up…u seem like a busy informed lady! Take care!

Hi Lois, Thank you 🙂 I am definitely BUSY and do my best to stay informed, in between rollicking games of monster tag and kickball! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi Michelle, How fun! They do have some lovely ones! Thanks for popping in! Are you going to join us for the 2010 Ultimate Blog Party? Love to visit with you for it. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hi Kaye! it was great to have you visit my blog for Word-filled Wednesday. This is a really neat idea and much needed for many people.

I am amazed at just how many are dealing with the pressures of raising children, grandchildren and taking care of elderly parents all at once! Only by the grace of God, (which is sufficient) are they able to pull through with their sanity in tact!

By the way, My family and I use to live in KY and visited Elizabethtown quite often, especially to take our kids to one of the parks there!

Have a blessed evening!


Hello Kaye! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment. It seems we have something in common as we are both grandparents. Nice to meet you…stop over again whenever you get a chance. 🙂

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)

Hi Kaye!
Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog! It’s nice to find yours.
I am definitely in the “sandwich generation” as I help care for my elderly Mom and I have grandchildren. It makes life very full!
Good luck with ball your endeavors!

Hi Pat, I’m so glad to “meet” you. 🙂 What a blessing you are being to your family. Have a blessed week. 🙂


Hi Kaye,
I fell upon this site while looking for Ten Commandment clip art. Do you allow others to use your clip art for Sunday school classes or is it copyrighted?

Your site will become one of my favorites, because I am a sandwich person myself! Thank you for the site.

Hi Debby – Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 ANd yes, as long as you are just printing it out and leave the watermark on it with my site name, that’s absolutely fine 🙂 Have a blessed weekend!

What a blessing I received today when I discovered your website! Isn’t God amazing how he knows where to lead us! I am all over one big goose bump right now! You see, I have a sister-in-law dealing with a mom with Parkinson’s and broken hips (her surgery is today!); my husband has early onset PD (and we have a VERY young family); and I am realizing recently that age is creeping in on my own parents. So nice to meet you online! Let’s keep in touch!
love, a

Oh wow! Angie! You are really in the throes of it BIG time! Praying for your sister-in-law’s mom’s surgery today and for y’all in total. And thoroughly enjoyed your article about the musical 🙂 Have a blessed day! 🙂


Thanks for your fun site. I am moving into the this phase myself. Fun that you share craft ideas to help grandchildren grow in their relationship with God. If you ever want to guest blog on our site we would welcome your thoughts.

Liz Hagler:)


I would like to know places to walk with other’s company.I am 62 and i live at South Shore Nassau County.I am trying to get an answer but i don’t get any response from the ”website”.Yes i want to subscriber to this website.Thanks.

Hi Lucia. My parents used to walk every day at the local mall. It opened earlier than the stores did just for those who wanted to walk, and we were always surrounded by plenty of seniors, as well as young moms with their strollers. Many malls across the country do this. You can call and ask if yours does. Some churches offer exercise and walking groups. And if the YMCA or YWCA is nearby, I bet they have some good options as well. Hope this helps. 🙂

Hi Kaye, what a delight to find you. I live in Auburn, in the foothills.
You are very busy with so many blogs. I have two blogs. I used to have my real estate license. I let it expire Dec. last year. Yes, our elderly parents do need assistance. With love and support, they can live their lives productively.

Oh how fun, Linda. I love connecting with local bloggers. And yes, those blogs and real estate do keep me hopping 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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Christian blogger REALTOR Kaye Swain shares encouragement in Roseville Sacramento and beyond 250
Kaye Swain REALTOR in Roseville CA specializing in real estate and news for boomers and seniors including multigenerational.

Studies are showing that iPads make great gifts for the elderly parents, as well as our grandkids. As this headline from BusinessWeek proclaims, "Seniors love the ease of use the tablet offers!" How about yours?

The Apple iPad 2 and all its great apps can be good news for boomers and seniors and makes great gifts for the elderly parents as well as the teens and tweens grandkids