A Caregiver Stress Relief Break for the Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation issues can include plenty of caregiver stressThe Sandwich Generation multigenerational caregiving issues of life can certainly be full of stress, can't it? Whether it's dealing with hospitilizations of senior parents and the ensuing recovery period (note the red gizmo on the big hospital gizmo – just in time for Rednesday? πŸ™‚ );

All good science fair projects need some form of measuring - in my grandkids case - it was via this scale

or perhaps it's helping a grandchild with all the necessary requirements of those ever fun science fair projects;

And then, we won't even think about our own bodies giving us fritzes with sinus infections or tummy bugs (I'm FINALLY over that sinus infection – yay πŸ™‚ ).

When all the science fair projects stress OR caregiver stress become a bit much for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny - stopping and enjoying Gods lovely sky and trees can do wonders for my emotions

But when things get a bit too much, I really appreciate the lovely trees, and the gorgeous sky. Isn't it amazing how taking a few seconds to just stand and relax and look up at God's wonders, can often help you feel a bit more relaxed and ready to dive back into those Sandwich Generation issues of life?  Even lovely photos can help me relax – another reason I love my easy to use digital camera. And if you feel the same way, be sure to visit Sweet Shot Tuesday for more interesting pictures. πŸ™‚ 


  1. Yes, there is something so comforting about the trees and sky! I love the winter time because it gives such interesting silhouettes of the bare trees!

  2. Amen ! it is very relaxing to take time & enjoy God’s wonderful creation !

  3. I love pictures of nature and I especially love Reddish sunsets or sunrises. But I don’t catch those very often.


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