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Grandparents And Grandkids Activities From Toad Cottages to Bird Words

Fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren-many make sweet gifts for elderly parents AND add to your lovely family memories!

Fun Resource for Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren – Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars!

Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars: A fun book of activities for grandparents and their grandchildren with ideas for the whole Sandwich Generation family!

Life Lessons From the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny From This Week’s Adventures!

Babysitting grandchildren while caring for ill elderly parents? Here’s a couple of tricks up the Sandwich Generation granny nanny’s sleeves.

The Boomer and Senior Gardening Update: Grandkids Sunflower House in The Midst of the Weird Weather!

Boomer and senior gardening projects like sunflower houses and butterfly bush plants are continuing in our Sandwich Generation household in spite of weird weather!

Pretty in Pink Resources For Grandparents and Grandchildren Including Those of Us In The Sandwich Generation has a great resource for grandparents & grandchildren, including the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents!

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Senior Mom Started Gardening with the 2011 Sunflower House and Mini-Butterfly Garden

Senior gardening fun for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny, grandkids, senior mom, & YOU! The Sunflower House, butterfly garden resources and…

Weather Doesn’t Need to Stop Fun and Physical Senior Citizen and Grandkid Activities

Fun & physical senior citizen activities and ideas for grandparents and their grandchildren, with photos from my easy to use digital camera.

Caring For Elderly Parents? Babysitting Grandchildren? All Part and Parcel of the Sandwich Generation and All To Be Done Heartily for the Lord!

Bible memory verses from Colossians remind us to do all heartily – from babysitting grandchildren to great Wii games for kids to walking with senior parents & more!

Fall Scarecrow Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Looking for fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren? We enjoyed fall scarecrow crafts & decorating activities for kids thanks to this resource..

These Plastic Snow Sleds Were “Snow” Much Fun For My Grandkids

Looking for fun and inexpensive plastic snow sleds for kids and grandkids? My grandchildren test drove a couple and here’s their favorite!

Twitter Tuesday for the Sandwich Generation 8/11/09

Resource links for the Sandwich Generation, including senior home care tips, dementia care, ideas for grandparents, humor for Baby Boomer Generation, and more!

Multigenerational RoundUp – Thanksgiving Bliss

Holiday ideas for the multigenerational boomers and seniors. From tips for easier holidays with aging elderly parents to fun crafts for the grandkids.

Multigenerational Bird Fun for The Sandwich Generation Family

My senior mom & her great grandkids love her gardening AND the lovely birds it draws, including the brightly colored Northern Cardinal birds…

Christmas Memories for Boomers and Seniors and Their Families

Fun family memories of Christmas traditions from our baby boomer past-enjoy a fun video of the King Family Christmas specials from days of yore.

Autumn and Fall Joys Ease The Boomer Senior Gardening Woes

Autumn & fall joy for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny, senior mom, & grandkids help make up for gardening woes like the Sunflower House this year.

Where The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Blogger Creates 2011

A fun NON-holiday party blog full of creative ideas for the Sandwich Generation to enjoy & be inspired by. Come see intriguing & creative blogging workspaces.

Enjoy Breaks in the Weather for Fun Outside Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren And Snap Your Family Memories With That Easy to Use Digital Camera!

Saving and savoring your fun family memories of gleeful activities for grandparents and their grandchildren are simple with an easy to use digital camera!

Fall Fun and Easy Crafts and Activities for Boomers, Seniors, and Grandchildren

Autumn harvest activities for grandparents and their grandchildren using craft foam stickers. Homemade greetings cards would also be easy crafts for seniors.

Boomers! Are You or Your Senior Parents Dealing with Low Vision Issues? Devices and Other Solutions – Part 1

Low Vision Aids, part 1, begins a new series for the Sandwich Generation, comparing eyeglass necklace chains with a glasses cord for boomers and seniors.

Tag, A Fairy House, and a Hideout for Army Toys for Grand-Kids = Fun Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren!

Wondering how people over 50 can raise their metabolism? Active and educational activities for grandparents and their grandchildren can be a definite help!