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The Oscars Shines Light on Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the concerns of many multigenerational caregivers, in or out of the Sandwich Generation, is Alzheimer’s Disease. The Movie, Still Alice…

Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month And I’ve Got Ten + Alzheimers Disease Resources for the Sandwich Generation

Caring for the elderly parents who have Alzheimers Disease dementia symptoms? Here are 10+ great resources to help the Sandwich Generation!

Interesting Boomer News About Alzheimers Prevention

As a Baby Boomer I am always on the lookout for good news about Alzheimers Disease prevention, so I was very interested in Jean Carper’s new book on this topic!

Parkinsons and Alzheimers Disease News for Seniors and Boomers

Baby Boomer News for our beloved seniors: Aricept update, Parkinsons & a Bicycle fundraiser as well as a new book about dysphagia and treatment options.

Alzheimer’s Disease is in the News!

Did you catch the CBS News segment on Alzheimer’s Disease? If not, you can find links for it here. It was well worth watching!

Twitter Tuesday Resources: Alzheimer’s Disease Perspective, Advance Directives, Snow Painting, Cissy King…

Twitter has great resources for the Sandwich Generation, including info about Alzheimer’s Disease, Cissy King, Advance Directives for senior home care givers…

Twitter Tuesday for the Sandwich Generation: Autism, Facebook, Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease…

Sandwich Generation resources including info for grandchildren with autism, Facebook and the Baby Boomer Generation, Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease research…

Twitter Tuesday Links for the Sandwich Generation – Alzheimer Care, Popsicles for Grandkids, Swine Flu, and More

Sandwich Generation caregivers and grandparents can find useful links at Sandwichink today on such topics as Swine Flu, creative popsicles, Medicare and more.

Alzheimer’s Disease Month – Part 2: Book Review

On my last plane trip, I had the pleasure of reading the book, Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease, by Ron Kauffman. Mr. Kauffman’s experience in caring for his mother, who had Alzheimer’s Disease, led to his writing this book. It isn’t a long book, only 62 pages, which is nice for those …

Alzheimer’s Disease Spiritual Thoughts and Links

Words of encouragement, ideas, and resources for Sandwich Generation and Baby Boomers Generation caring for elderly parents with dementia symptoms.

Alzheimer’s Disease Month

Nine sites about Alzheimer’s Disease. Useful info for the Sandwich Generation – those providing senior home care for aging parents and helping with grandkids.

Fun Activities for Elderly Seniors in Your Life

Easy and fun activities for senior citizens including fun activities elderly seniors in your life, with suggestions for those dealing with dementia.

Ease the Stress of Caring for Elderly Parents With These Resources

Resources to help you shop online for sale or budget-priced Home Needs. A big help for you when caring aging parents at home or long distance.

Using Your Smart Phone as a Memory Helper for Elderly Parents

For the Sandwich Generation who are caring for elderly parents with memory issues & young grandkids, illnesses can be an extra headache. Tips to help.

Encouraging Words in the Midst of Mega Headaches

Encouraging words and music whether you are dealing with bloggy woes or some of the difficult seasons for all boomers and seniors.

Multigenerational RoundUp – Thanksgiving Bliss

Holiday ideas for the multigenerational boomers and seniors. From tips for easier holidays with aging elderly parents to fun crafts for the grandkids.

Joy-Filled Words of Encouragement for Boomers and Seniors Dealing With Grief and Loss Issues

Boomers & Seniors have plenty of extra loved ones to pray for and times are definitely tough. Words of encouragement to recharge us all.

The Sandwich Generation Roundup: Resources for Multigenerational Caregivers

Join SandwichINK for a grand round-up of resources to help all of us Sandwich Generation caregivers as we take care of our aging parents.

The Sandwich Generation Issues – News and Information for Boomers and Seniors, December 3, 2012

More great links for the Sandwich Generation, including iPad info for aging parents, nativity sets out of LEGOs for grandkids, Alzheimer’s Disease news…

The Sandwich Generation Issues – News and Information for Boomers and Seniors, November 26, 2012

Daily resources, ideas, and news highlights for boomers and seniors caring for aging parents – of particular interest to those of us in the Sandwich Generation.