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Aging in Place Topics of Interest to the Sandwich Generation

Aging in place issues are often a topic for conversation in Sandwich Generation families caring for the elderly parents in their family…

You Can Stay Home: Tips for Supporting Aging in Place

Caring for elderly parents, in OR out of the Sandwich Generation? Some great tips and information about aging in place design and products.

Great News and Resources from NIH For All of Us Boomers and Seniors Caring for Aging Parents

Following up last week’s list of great resources for the Sandwich Generation, caring for aging parents while raising kids or grandkids, NIH has a useful update for all of us caregivers.

Seriously Encouraging Bible Verses Coupled with Serious Fun iPhone Photo Apps From The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny

Serious fun with some of my new and most useful iphone photo apps coupled with encouraging Bible memory verses for children and grandkids.

Senior Citizen Home Safety Tips For the Sandwich Generation Caring for Aging Parents Near or Far

Thinking of Christmas gifts for the senior citizens in your family? How about home safety products for all the sweet elderly people in your life?

Going Through Trials? Encouraging Words and Bible Verses From One Who Has Gone On Before

Book review for the Sandwich Generation: An inspirational and true story by grandmother Jackie Carpenter full of comforting Bible verses for times of grief and loss.

The Sandwich Generation Is Looking for A Hip Replacement Surgery Video or Information

Researching anterior vs posterior in total hip replacement surgery led to an interesting video and positive news stories for boomers and seniors caregivers.

Useful Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery News and Info for Boomers and Seniors

Useful news for boomers and seniors dealing with arthritis issues in the hip or knee and considering hip and knee joint replacement surgery.

Scent-sational Idea to Teach Encouraging Bible Memory Verses to Children and Grandchildren

Some cute country spring flowers clipart along with encouraging Bible verses for children to lift the spirits of the Sandwich Generation.

Encouraging Bible Verses to Remind the Sandwich Generation to Always Be Thankful

Three inspiring and encouraging Bible verses for children and their grandparents to help the Sandwich Generation teach grandkids to be thankful always.

A Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Seeking to Replace Arguing and Complaining with Praising and Thanksgiving

The Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents and grandkids, can find plenty to complain about. But knowing that’s NOT the will of God for us, we can find…

Comforting Bible Verses for Each of You in the Sandwich Generation: “You Are My Hiding Place

Comforting Bible verses in Psalm 32 and 119 carry strong promises of God in the Bible for the Sandwich Generation – “You are my hiding place!” What a blessing!

Encouraging and Comforting Bible Verses for the Sandwich Generation

The Bible is full of God’s encouraging Bible verses to give all of us in the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents, comfort, including Psalm 31:14-15a.

Encouraging Bible Verses of Comfort from Psalm 23 for the Baby Boomers Generation

Christian encouragement full of encouraging and inspiring BIble verses of comfort for the never-aging Baby Boomers Generation caring for elderly parents. Psalm 23…

Encouraging Bible Verses to Help Us To FROG – Fully Rely On God

A Webkinz Tree Frog Plush Toy is the only kind of frog I’d touch, but all frogs are great to remind those of us in the Sandwich Generation to Fully Rely On God!

Sandwich Generation Tweeting: Ankle Joint Replacement Surgery

SandwichINK’s weekly “Tweeting of Interest” for the Sandwich Generation: ankle joint replacement surgery.

Looking For a Warm Place For Walking Exercises for Seniors?

Caring for elderly parents & finding it too cold to walk outside? Here’s a fun idea, with the help of the Jitterbug cell phones for the elderly and Walmart.

Build Grand Memories With Thanksgiving Place Cards and Placemats

Fall Wreaths were fun last year. This year, more “Happy Thanksgiving” decor with Thanksgiving Place cards & placemats, making a delightful Thanksgiving gift!

Walking Cane Resources for Your Aging Parent

When aging parents need to start using a walking cane, it can be hard for them to accept that fact. Having these good resources at your fingertips can help.

How to Perk Up Your Aging Parent’s Day by Spiffing Up Their Walker

WalkerWonder has a stylish, practical product for your elderly parent’s walker or rollator walker, giving it a sense of personality.