Thinking of A Multigenerational Move With Your Extended Family?

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Kaye Swain Real Estate Agent blogger sharing about 1816 Cymbeline Street Roseville CA 95747 MLS 15046800

As long time readers know well, multigenerational and aging in place options are favorite themes for me. I am always on the lookout for great ones to use for or share with my family as well as for my real estate clients. They can be tough to find in some areas and at some times. But right now, sweet multigenerational homes with great aging in place options seem to be abounding everywhere, including my sweet home town of Roseville CA in the Sacramento area!

I don’t know about you but I enjoy looking at photos of homes. It’s fun to “tour them” virtually. And it can give us great ideas to implement in our own homes or down the road when we may be house hunting due to multigenerational needs.  This home is in West Roseville CA and it would be a fun delight for grandkids and grandparents alike, don’t you think? Starting with floors that are easy to clean. Always nice with those cute grandkids, don’t you think?

West Roseville CA Real Estate Agent Blogger Kaye Swain sharing lovely 4 5 bedroom house for sale with great multigenerational options 768

It’s a beautiful two-story home with 3800 square feet. I’ve never lived in a home larger than 2400 square feet. That one was big but a bit squished when my senior parents moved into the master bedroom. The next year, after my sweet dad had gone to heaven and my mom was still living with me, it shrank a bit more when 2 of my kids and 4 grandkids moved in with us for a while. We absolutely loved doing it! It was a huge help to them and a sweet blessing to my mom and me. But I would REALLY have appreciated 3800 square feet, I’m telling you! Tak the kitchen/great room pictured below. It’s spread out nicely so you can all be hanging out in that area and not be “right on top of each other.” And, of course, there’s a whole other floor above and plenty of room outside. Space is a big blessing for many multigenerational families, that’s for sure.

Kaye Swain Real Estate Agent blogger sharing about 1816 Cymbeline Street West Roseville CA 95747 kitchen great room 1200

This home has one of my favorite features  – a bedroom and full bathroom downstairs which is a huge help for senior parents, whether they live with you or use it when visiting. But that’s not all! It has SIX bedrooms AND 4.5 bathrooms (including a walk-in shower – always helpful for elderly parents). Awesome options for a variety of needs – whether you are upsizing due to family needs, working from your home (in which case you have at least two terrific office choices), and more.

Kaye Swain Real Estate Agent blogger sharing about 1816 Cymbeline Street West Roseville CA 95747 pool and playhouse 767

Wander out into the back yard and you’ll discover plenty of room for all sorts of fun activities. My grandkids and I used to play ball tag in a yard this big and it was glorious. They could run and run and have a blast. it got ALL their wiggles out (well, most of them, anyway. 🙂 ). And at this house, if there are still wiggles, I bet that solar-heated built-in swimming pool would take care of them quite nicely. Did I mention the “piece de resistance!” A very cool two-story fort / play structure. Awesome!

Kaye Swain Real Estate Agent blogger sharing about 1816 Cymbeline Street West Roseville CA 95747 pool and table 768

It’s close to the local elementary school, Coyote Ridge Elementary (School tip for anyone anywhere you may be househunting, always call the school to confirm if that is, indeed, where your kids / grandkids will go. Due to fluctuating needs and age demographics within a city, the school that is nearest you may NOT be the school they will go to. So it’s always best to check on schools BEFORE you buy. And to realize that, even if you do, it can change again.). This home is also nice and close to the Bill Santucci park which boasts of 2 barbeques, a play area for school-aged kids and grandkids, 2 baseball/softball fields, a basketball court, 2 soccer fields, a covered picnic area, 10 picnic tables, belt and bucket swings, and a restroom. It’s one of  OVER 70 great parks we have in Roseville CA and we are quite appreciative of them all!

You might be asking, why does one need a park when this house is like living in your own park? It’s still nice to have parks nearby as a way of meeting neighbors and new playmates, having a lovely place to take long walks (especially delightful right now with the weather so balmy), and having extra room for a large get-together. When I was a kid, we used to have family reunions with one side of our family every year. When there was just a handful of us, it was easy to host in anyone’s home. By the time the kids had kids and our gatherings were about 50+, we all especially appreciated the park that was right next door to one of my aunts and uncles. This park isn’t quite next door but it’s only .02 miles away! Quite nice to add some extra space if you needed it. And as so many of us know, when you have multigenerational families living together, you may need it much more than you think. 🙂

Kaye Swain Real Estate Agent blogger sharing about 1816 Cymbeline Street Roseville CA 95747 front yard MLS 15046800

Something else to consider is garage size. First you need to think about how you want to use the garage (park cars, wood working shop, inside play area for the grandkids which is really nice during prolonged bad weather or ?). Then determine how big your garage needs to be and put that on your house hunting list. One of my real estate clients had a major railroad layout that takes up two full garages. He loved working on it, especially with the grandkids. He didn’t care if he parked in the garage or not. His wife, however, preferred parking in the garage. So they put 3+ garages on their wish list. If you are caring for elderly parents, you might want to be sure you have room to park in the garage with them as it is usually less slanted and easier for them. Not to mention easier access for special needs, bad weather, etc. A larger house, like this one, will often have 3 or more garages. This particular house has a wonderful FOUR garages! Big enough for a wide variety of multigenerational options.

Kaye Swain Real Estate Agent blogger sharing about 1816 Cymbeline Street West Roseville CA 95747 master bathroom shower tub MLS 15046800

Another nice thing about this that I always look for when I’m househunting for myself or my clients – how close is it to grocery stores and gas stations? So many of us are or have been juggling multigenerational needs with work, school, doctor appointments, and more. Being able to quickly run out to a nearby store for certain basic staples is definitely a requirement for me!

We can’t all buy a 3,800 square foot home like this. I never have and probably never will. But it’s fun to dream. And even if you are looking at less square footage, hopefully this fun and virtual home tour has given you a lovely example of great things to look for when you, or someone you love, are thinking of upsizing to make room for elderly senior parents, kids or grandkids moving in, or both, don’t you think? What do you like best about it?

Kaye Swain Real Estate Agent blogger sharing about 1816 Cymbeline Street Roseville CA 95747 MLS 15046800

P.S. This home has been sold. But if you live in the Roseville – Sacramento area and want to other homes for sale, do give me a call at 657-229-5293 or email me at I’d love to help you with all your real estate needs. (And for that matter, if you live outside the Roseville area, I’d be glad to help you find a REALTOR in YOUR neck of the woods who also specializes in working with boomers and seniors, multigenerational and aging in place needs, etc.)   🙂


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