Happy St Patricks Day from Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTORCan you believe how fast the year is flying. It seems like just yesterday it was Merry Christmas and here it’s already St Patricks Day week. I wanted to let you know that I’ve made a Pinterest Board for St Patricks Day Joys full of fun green foods, delightful and easy crafts for grandkids and seniors alike, and even a cute Veggie Tales video telling the true story of Patrick, a man who loved God, and made a huge impact on our world – and NOT just creating St Patricks Day. :) There are also several fun jokes and riddles – a holiday delight and tradition for me and my grandkids as well. You’ll even find another Sesame Street video centered on Danny Boy.

Plus, if you check out my Facebook page – SandwichINK For the Sandwich Generation – I’ll have various different crafts and projects popping up there throughout the day.

And be sure to tell your friends with wee ones. Hmmmm, my real estate clients have some adorables as well that I’ll be sharing this with. St Patricks Day is definitely more fun for me when it includes wee ones. How about you?

Then again, there’s plenty of fun for all of us grownups as well, including lovely tablescapes and more. And yes, you’ll find some of those there too. PLUS:

Meme and Blog Party Fun for the Sandwich Generation


Have a blessed and beautiful St Patricks Day y’all!




Happy St Patricks Day to grandparents and grandkids everywhere from Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR






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This years oscar helped make Alzheimers DIsease a bigger priority-via Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTORJulianne Moore won Best Actress in this year’s Oscar Awards. No, I didn’t watch the show. It’s not my cup of tea. But I DO appreciate that this year’s show and one of the movies honored at the show spread important info about Alzheimer’s Disease. Carol Marak is one of my sweet online friends, who I’ve known for years as we’ve enjoyed various teaming up through blog carnivals, eldercarechats, tweets and facebook fun, and more. And she’s written an excellent article on just this topic for all of us in the Sandwich Generation and other multigenerational caregivers. Enjoy!

The Oscars Shines Light on Alzheimer’s Disease

Sooner or later we knew it would happen. Alzheimer’s disease takes center stage, and now the public sees its effects first hand. It’s about time.

My family lived through the disease with my dad. It was seven years ago, but I remember to this day how difficult it was for my family, and how little my peers knew about the disease, especially at work. It was heartbreaking to live through the stages of Alzheimer’s with my dad. He held on tight to the past, but I knew deep down memories would soon fade. And they did. The only memories my dad had, in the end, were the ones of the farm, when he was very young. He thought I was his mother, which I was in a way. And he would ask me over and over if the cows are okay. He stressed a lot about them and would ask, “Have the cows been milked? I haven’t been able to do it for months, and I’m worried.” I would gently touch his shoulders and affirm, “Oh, I just did it dad, the cows are fine.” He’d smile, and his eyes lit up in gratitude. Sweet memories.

Now, thanks to directors Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer, Still Alice comes to the forefront of America. People can experience first-hand what it does to the person living with the disease and to the family. Hopefully, Still Alice will continue to shine light and bring awareness to people. It’s so hard to live through it knowing others don’t have a clue.

Since my dad’s situation, I’ve been exposed to many people living with the disease. They are lost, as Moore suggests. Maria Shriver calls Alzheimer’s a national emergency because more women in their sixties will develop the disease, twice more often than breast cancer. And since the majority of the “exploding” boomer population are in their sixties, we face economic devastation. Source: My Brain sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s

If you’re caring for a loved living with the disease, remember you’re not alone and ask for help. The Alzheimer’s Association is here for you and your loved one. Use the message board to connect with other caregivers. If you can’t afford to hire a caregiver from a home care agency, try reputable online services that vet for reliable senior care services.

Alzheimer’s Facts

At least 44 million people, worldwide, live with the dementia disease. It’s a global epidemic. In the United States alone, at least 5 million are inflicted. Do what you can do to help raise awareness and inspire action. Learn the facts. Share the numbers.

  • More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s.
  • By 2050, this number could be as high as 16 million.
  • Every 67 seconds, someone in the United States develops the disease.
  • Almost two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s are women.
  • In her 60s, a woman’s estimated lifetime risk for developing Alzheimer’s is 1 in 6. For breast cancer it is 1 in 11.
  • More than 60 percent of Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers are women.

Carol Marak is a contributor for the senior living and healthcare market. She advocates older adults and family caregivers by writing on tough topics like chronic issues, Alzheimer’s and senior care, and senior living. Find her work at AssistedLivingFacilities.org and HomeHealthcareAgencies.com and contact Carol on LinkedIn and Carol@SeniorCareQuest.com.

Mega thanks to Carol for sharing this interesting article on Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s something so many of us in the Sandwich Generation as well as many other multigenerational caregivers may face in the years to come.



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Owl toilet seat tattoos regular and elongated to put a smile on our elderly parents faces In Roseville CA and beyondI promise you, this will be 100% G-rated. :)  As a mom, grandmother, and caregiver of elderly senior parents, toilets have been a big part of my life all my life – and I bet they have been for you too. I remember sitting by the toilet all night when my grandchild got the tummy bug and threw up over and over, while all I could really do was cuddle her, whisper in her ear that it was ok, and pray lots. She got better, and is much older now, but we both still vividly remember that night. It’s one of those sweet twists of life that it was an awful night that left sweet cuddling memories in both our hearts.

This week, some of my long distance grandkids have experienced the tummy bug and I’m too far away to cuddle, but I can still pray lots, and occasionally get to talk to one on the phone to share loving encouragement as well.

It doesn’t end with the grandkids, does it? Sometimes it’s our elderly parents who need our comforting words, our gentle pats, and our prayers. No, we’re not dealing with the tummy bug – at least not this week. But we have been back on the UTI issue again. And I do want to remind all of you of how much of a negative impact this can have on our elderly parents! And I STILL always have my senior mom tested for a UTI if she isn’t feeling well – and request a culture as well as a stick. And YES, I always recommend asking your own doctor about doing the same. Better safe than sorry!  You can read all the details at:

Resource-Full News and Information for The Sandwich Generation Issues: UTIs In Our Elderly Parents

Also, we are again using a raised toilet seat which is such a big help for our elderly parents as their range of motion and mobility decreases.

Pretty in pink toilet seats have covers to make it warmer for our elderly parents at night in Placer County California and beyondOf course, toilet talk doesn’t have to be all boring. We could also add in some fun things, like the gorgeous owl toilet cover tattoo, the pink rose toilet cover tattoo I shared a while back, and this cool pink toilet seat cover to make things a bit warmer and softer – great for those chilly middle of the night trips, and a lovely way to put a smile on our elderly parents’ faces. And all of these tools are great aging in place helps!  :)

Multigenerational caregiving for kids and grandkids along with elderly senior parents isn’t always easy. But I really appreciate all the great tips and tools available to help make it at least a little bit easier – for both caree and caregiver. Don’t you?  Do you have any senior citizen or grandkid toilet tips or other aging in place ideas to share with us – here or at my Facebook page? We’d love to hear them.


Kaye Swain REALTOR in Roseville CA has Fun and so will other boomers and seniors and grandparents whether at home or out and about working at their real estate business at the Grand Social

Beverly's Got tons of cute pink things each Saturday to put a smile on the face of the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren





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Merry Christmas to the Sandwich Generation and others visiting for the Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party - with this cute country clipartWelcome to SandwichINK.com – where we talk about multigenerational caregiving, grandkid fun, and encouragement for those caring for their elderly parents.

MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Do enjoy some hot cocoa and a tasty bite of gingerbread cookie – this was a delightful gift to me from the very sweet Denise Brown of Caregiving.com – the hostess of this delightful annual blog party for caregivers.



Then click here to be wisked off to the REST of the blog party fun, including a drawing for an Amazon gift certificate. Thank you for stopping by and again, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas cute country clipart for the Sandwich Generation




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Kaye Swain loves reading Bible books and Bible memory verses to the grandkids-Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTORMajor changes have come for this Sandwich Generation grandmother. For the past umpteen years I’ve been an up-close grandma to half my grandkids and a long distance grandma to the other half. Now I’m long-distance to all and frequent flyer to many, not to mention plenty of drive time too.

My senior mom and I are back home in California, near another of our beloveds, and it is definitely a change and a challenge but fun nevertheless. I just returned from a delightful visit to one set of grandchildren where we spent a good portion of our time playing chess and checkers along with tons of hugs and cuddles!

And since all my grandkids are getting older, and have extremely busy schedules of their own, this is working out well. I do miss the daily interaction but, of course, I plan to stay close to them all no matter how near or far and I’ll continue to share fun tips, ideas, and resources with fellow grandparents near and far. Along with caregiving ideas and resources for our beloved seniors here as well as at SandwichINK Real Estate Info where you’ll discover more ideas and interesting examples of multigenerational and aging in place options and issues.

Here are a couple of travel tips I picked up on this last trip, just for you. If you are flying to visit loved ones – young, old, or both – for the holidays  and haven’t yet bought your tickets, I just spotted an  article at Forbes – Holiday Airfare Tips For Last Minute Shoppers.

I would recommend packing a new (or old favorite) game that they do NOT have at their house. Something new, or not used in a while, is always more interesting and you could end up having a series of competitions for the whole visit – quite enjoyable I must say. Just be sure to take a game(s) you also like. :)

Kaye Swain loves playing chess and checkers with the grandkids

If you are able to visit often, you might want to consider asking if it’s ok to leave a box of goodies just for your visits. In the past, I’ve kept a stash of canned nuts for late-night hunger attacks, 3 favorite games they only play with me, a couple of books we treasure, and a change of clothes just in case I make it but my suitcase doesn’t. That can be a big stress relief!

As long distance grandparents, we may not get as many memories over the year, but if we make the most of the moments we are there, our memories can be just as powerful and impactful – for them AND for us.

My three most powerful memories from my last trips were centered on helping others in need including preparing Samaritan’s Purse Christmas shoeboxes – a long standing tradition we love, studying Bible verses together, and fun games whether we won OR lost. Moments I will treasure forever!


P.S. A fun Thanksgiving AND Christmas coloring page for grandkids (or beloved seniors) (and one already in color) to turn into place cards or holiday home decor. And if you click directly on each snowman, they’ll lead to more fun Christmas ideas.

Snow happy there is no snow in Roseville CA for Kaye Swain REALTOR and caring for eldelry parents AND that my grandkids DO have snow


Christmas coloring page for grandchildren from fellow grandparents Kaye Swain REALTOR in Roseville CA


Happy Thanksgiving place card make easy crafts for kids and seniors black and white coloring page



Happy Thanksgiving place card make easy crafts for kids and seniors black and white coloring page






Fun for grandparents whether at home or out and about at the Grand Social

Spiritual Sundays are full of encouraging and comforting BIble verses and praise music to lift the hearts of the Sandwich Generation

Beverlys Pink Saturday is full of fun things for SandwichINK Real Estate Info - including the occasional pink house



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